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  1. Recreating a Sunseeker Mustang - Decals and Hull Choice 
    Hi, First post here. I have been messing around with RC cars and trucks for about 20 years with on and off periods of a few years at a time. I have just moved and there is a lake near my house and I have built a small sailing boat, which has rekindled my interest in the hobby.

    I have a couple of questions as I want to create a near replica of a Sunseeker Mustang powerboat. My family has one but it is nearly 20 years old and will not be with us much longer

    I am not too worried about it being a perfect scale model I more want to capture the style of the boat and paint job. It is a 21.5 foot power boat, deep V, with a stern drive, two seats up front, three person bench seat and sunlounger on the back. Firstly any good ideas for a base kit / hull I could use (probably electric but I'm not averse to nitro) - the Traxxas Villain is the right kind of style hull. Any ideas of other hulls I could look up?

    Secondly the paint job is in part fairly easy to do with masking areas off, but I would like to make some decals of the Sunseeker and Mustang logos. Does the decal paper you can buy for inkjet printers work ok for boats or does it not react well to water. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    Have you visited the Robbe website? They manufacture a "Runabout" style model with a single screw sterndrive. You may find it resembles your boat well enough. With a little paint, you may be able to create a good facsimile of your family boat.


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