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    Hi everyone, just wanted to stop by to say hi. i know i have not been on the board latley or doing anything that has to do with rc lately because i have been very buisy, (theres a big golf tourny next weekend and i have been getting ready for it by practicing every day for the last 3 weeks) (im a 12 handycap btw, *but i can beat it *) And i have been studying for the final exams.

    anyway after this comming sat I will have alot more time because there will be only 3 days left of school!!! and not AS much golf

    my boats clutch came apart and i have to take out the engine to put it back together (time consuming but not hard)

    I still plan to go up the sarasota to run with cfracer (If he is still here)

    Well talk to you all in about a week
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    Good to see you bro'. So you're a twelve handi? Not too shabby. Dad & I are going to the range tomorrow before tee'ing it up Thursday for real. Having not played serriously in over five years, there's a lot of rust but it comes back. Thank goodness my short game is killer. (or was)

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