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  1. Double's new scoot 
    Hows the new ride look?

    Dang but this thing is tiney & no thats not a 200hp V6 'Rude on the back. Thats my 4 Deluxe.
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    oooooo I need to post some pics of the jet boat my friend and I built. lets just say it has a berkely jet drive, a ford 460 big block putting out over 400 horses and 500 ft/lbs. It looks almost like those drug runners you see in movies, but faster. This sucker goes mid to upper 50's like its nothing!!!!! Bad thing happened today though....

    Big barge was passing us, we were doing about 35, and we caught some air off his wake (NOT a good thing for a jet drive) When we landed, engine cut off immideately, when we cranked it back up, there was a nice loud SQUEAL coming from the jet drive.

    So... best case senario:
    The thrust bearing is toast. $500 for a rebuild kit
    And worst case:
    Bent impeller shaft. $1000 for new impeller shaft and rebuild kit.

    But in any case, thats a beaut you got there! It will definetly do what you need it to!

    I love boats

    Squirt boats. Like 'em if they're not loud.
    First time out yesterday on this thing didn't meet my expectations. Then again, what can you for a 9 ft boat? Hate to say it, but I thought there was more. This thing is like a canoe.

    Slapped the engine on & hopped in from knee deep water & almost flipped out the other side. Then we got settled & started going. Found quickly that you can't sit on the back seat with a 60 lb engine as it bogs too much: & eventually had to sit in the bottom & leaning over the middle seat while stretching to run the engine Got a GPS reading of 9.8 mph though

    another. Yes, thats the Wavefighter in there. Not completed but it did get towed a little Sounds like something I did as a kid.
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