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  1. Nitro vs. Gas pro/con 
    I know I saw a thread similar to this somewhere, but now I can't find it.

    What are the pro's and con's in nitro engines vs. gas engines?

    I saw a review for a nitro boat and I am thinking about getting it, but I would like to know the differences in the engines, does the nitro require a specialty fuel, or is there a gas additive?.. etc etc etc

    this is the link for the one I'm looking at possibly getting.......

    Gas for me.

    Pro's & Con's.

    Nitro is finiky with needles (whats the barametric pressure today?)
    Nitro engines will fit in smaller boats
    Smaller boats mean smaller running area
    Nitro costs much more
    Nitro takes more support equipment to get running (most take a starter, glow driver)
    Nitro is messy
    Nitro is thirsty
    Did I say finiky with needle settings?

    Gas is easy
    Gas is cheap (I run Coleman white gas & its still cheaper than nitro)
    Gas boats are larger (mono's need to be around 45". cats smaller)
    Larger means larger running area
    Larger means you don't have to stay home all the time when the weather kicks up.
    Gas equipment is larger (1/4 or .025 inch drive, props etc)
    Carb settings are easy & don't change with the weather. /\
    Gas will run a long time on a normal tank (24 oz = +/- 35 min time)

    I do like nitro & love the smell. Actually miss it, but times are changing.

    Most RTR gas boats on the market are good quality compared to what we read about with the nitro's. There are some RTR gas manufact to stay away from. Do your homework & use that search button. It works wonders & will tell you things you can't read in paper.
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    Everything Double D said plus the fact that they (nitro) are very picky with needle settings. Warm day, cool day, humidity etc.

    On a positive note once you get the hang of it they can be a lot of fun.
    Oh the smell of nitro in the morning .

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    Advantages of nitro -
    Cheaper initial cost than gas (for a small nitro)

    Advantages of gas -
    Easier to run
    Cheaper running cost
    Less maintenance
    Long runtimes
    Less finnicky needle settings

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    Nitro does need a lot more support equipment, electric starters and glow ignitors, etc. but this is what all pretty much that I know. When I got back into boats, the gas boats were still in their infancy, some races wouldn't even allow them!
    A lot of it is what you prefer. The initial layout of money for a fast one of either is about the same but you do same coin in the long run with gas. The lower cost of fuel and not going through as many glow plugs than spark plugs. I find a nitro boat easier to store in my basement as I don't think that I'd want a gas boat anywhere near my furnace or inside my house.
    I'm a nitro burner but have been looking more at gas boats.

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    I had nitro, then I had gas
    And I will never go back.
    I sold my last nitro boat....
    Nitro is fun tho there is nothing wrong with it, gas is just so much easier to start- all I take to the lake now is the boat and the transmitter.
    Also I like the flatter less pitch sound of gas engines....

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    Ah, the scream of a nitro engine & the smell of that fuel. No gas for me - I'll be happy to bring all my support gear down to the lake.

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    Plus, I might be lucky. My nitro outboard is flawless & dependable (O.S.) & decently quick. Always starts, still on my first glowplug, (I've run a gallon through it so I should probably use a new glowplug this season as preventive maint.) hardly EVER fiddle with the needle settings. Ron can vouch for me, he's seen it start & run. A great little motor.

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