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  1. What do you consider NEW when buying? 
    Got to ask this question. What do you consider new?

    Seller advertises a boat with NEW engine but it has less than X number of gallons ran through it. Is this still considered new? Was advertised that way.

    Seller adertises a NEW boat with less than X number of runs on it. Is it considered new? Was advertised that way also.

    Another example: (actual ad, just edited a tad)

    Blah blah boat w/Brand New engine For Sale.
    Motor has less than 2 gallons through it. Bought the motor less than 4 weeks ago ( runs PERFECT) Looking to get for boat and motor $$$'s obo. Hull is in great condition.

    Is this new?

    This is an argument waiting to happen in my book. First of all, an item needs to be advertised for what it is. New to me means not ran. On the same side, you can build a boat, install all the gear, and set it in a body of water. Is that new to me? Yes as it has still not been ran or used. When an engine has less than X number of gallons ran through it & less than X number of weeks old that is simply not new. Same applies for a hull. If it has a run on it, then its not new. It can sit on the shelf for a long time without ever being touched. Heck I've got a new 260 thats a year old sitting on my shelf thats never seen gas. Is it new? Yes.

    What most sellers need to consider is how they word the ad. Be honest. There is no reason why a buyer should have to cull through the BS to see the true ad. Reminds me of my days as a "new/used car leasing consultant". (dang car salesman) . How disheartening is it to learn that the item you bought was advertised one way & then arrives in the other? Clear pics and precise wording are an asset. Few of us strive to be honest, clear & to the point in the ad. Why should you have to question someones integrity?

    Reason for all the above was after inquiring about a rig this week. The boat is advertised to have a new engine with less than 2 gallons ran through it. Not new as stated above and I mentioned it to the seller. As expected, theres no way possible to come across easy without upsetting them. <sigh>. These type of things happen when you call someone out.

    Could have drove on and not said anything, but it didn't happen.

    In the words of Paul Harvey "GOOD DAY"

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    I' sure there will be other thoughts on the matter, but as far as I'm concerned, all of the items you described are not new since they've been used/started/whatever. They may be 'new' to the seller as in just got it, but, 'new' in that instance doesn't mean the same as 'new', never been used. It never pays to take anything for granted when buying...
    - 'Doc

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    I would put that as a "depends". If it's a gas boat or a big-block nitro burner then 2 gallons isn't much but I would stil not consider either one new. If it's anywhere from a .12 to a .67 then it's definitely used. The other "depends" is how well the motor was taken care of, just like full-sized vehicles. Not so many years ago, it was time for a rebuild with 2 gallons run through it.
    I take eBay auctions with a grain of salt. Unless I know the seller from one of the many R/C boating sites, I tend to stay away from them. I'd put that one in with the 200 MPH Prather 3.5 K&B OB 'rigger and the 70 MPH Radio Shack boat.
    I go to eBay when I need a good laugh.

    The boat has a gas engine & yea, 2 gal isn't much, just the fact that it was worded as a new engine. No big deal till the seller wanted to get into a pissing contest when I PM'd about is it being new w/ 2 gal through it & lets not forget that its 4 weeks old. <rolleyes>. Give me a break. Doesn't matter if its one week old & had 10 gal in it & this guy would say the same thing. Says a lot about someone.

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    Jamie, PM me a link to the ad. I've been going through eBay this morning and didn't find it. There has been a lot of toy boats in there taking up a lot of space, you know, the ones with a cheap price tag but the seller is killing people on shipping.

    I agree with others, if an engine has been started, it is no longer "new". I no longer buy engines that the seller will not confirm have never been run. There's too many people cooking their engines in antifreeze to get the gunk off them and then saying they are almost new.

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    Read this. Brand new but I have tried it

    Wish it was through ebay then it would be easier to accept.

    Here's the "PM's" we have sent so it lets you see both sides including how much of a jerk I can be::

    First one from me.>>>Hello,
    >>>Not wanting to sound like a jerk but when a person says that something is new, that to me means new, not that it has two gallons of gas through it. See my point? Please dont' take it for anything other than what its worth.
    >>>Best Regards,

    Sellers Reply: >>NEW as in purchased 3 weeks ago. So if your not interested in it dont worry about it. and stp wasting my time.

    My second reply: >You don't know if I'm interested or not. Some buyers like to feel out a seller before making a purchase. Seems your ad speaks for itself.

    Sellers final reply: >>I said it was new and I also said how often it was run. I am not false advertising becasue I stated the truth. When I said new it was pertaining to when it was purchased. So go bother some one else and get a life and stop trying to pick apart someones add cause YOU dont agree with somthing. I did nothing wrong.<<<

    Keep in mind, if I wanted to flame someones ad, I'd do it in open forum not through PM. Its over now, I can rest my head at night knowing that what has been sold from my stock was done so as advertised. Why can't I become a much more humble person?

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