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    posted this in here cuz i thought this was closest to 'boats' than 'cars' or 'airplanes', even tho theres a bit of each in a hovercraft!

    i need some help with my own rc hovercraft, is this a good place to look? if not where can i get some good attention...

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    Try It's an UK site that has alot of info on R/C hovercraft.


    one somewhat o.t. question , do edf's generally include the mounting for the motor as well? because like, i am planning to use edf's to replace the propellers+motors that came with the hovercraft... right now i've chopped off the housings for the motors,thinking that i wouldnt need them anymore and i'd somehow attach the turbine casing to the bare plastic stubby leftovers of the original ousings... how do people normally attach the ducted fans to their vehicles?

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