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  1. Waterski' pics 
    While visiting home I got to digging around through some old junk that I'd left at Mom's house. Came across this old ski that has a place in my heart.

    Back in the mid '90s I skiied quite a bit. So much that during the summer it was two or three times a week. Pull the boat to work and stop at the bayou on the way home with some buddies and rip a slolom course up.

    We'll being since I only used a single ski', one of my buddies couldn't get up on one. So I stopped at a pawn shop & bought her this old set for about $20. Once she learned to get up, she'd drop the old wood ski' and get going with the slolom till she learned deep water starting.

    Anywhoooo, I kept this old thing in the garage and one day decided to refurbish it. It was separated where the different grains meet terribly. Took the aluminium braces to a fab shop & a little sandblasting later, they looked good as new. Wish it was here to grace my shop.


    Look at the tail & you'll see the only bad place on it. Somehow it had gotten worn down in that area. Almost wish I'd have trimmed the inch off while maintaining the shape.
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    Check out the hardware. The screws were rusted and broke off. Went with these and tried to match it with the color of the aluminium. Like how they're all nice & straight with each other


    That thing looks great! Good job!

    Thank ya'.
    Always invisioned it hanging in a restaurant or sports bar of sorts. Kinda' nostalgic huh?

    Btw, the other ski' got lost in the weeds after she dropped it. None of us saw where it went even though it had a chunk of orange flotation just for that.

    man that stinks about the one that got lost. I wish i could ski i would kill myself trying to do that.

  7. I have a set 
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    I have a set of wooden skis hanging in my house they look almost exactly like the ones you have. They have all of the original stickers they are Cypress Ski's the models I have are Dick Pope whom according to the skis was a water ski champion. My fourier in my house is decorated with nautical items the stair handrails are an old set of wooden oars.

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    I just learned to slomom ski last weekend. Tried a couple years ago with no luck. Got up first try this time Kindof squirely but fun and I want to get better so I can throw roosters like my Edge

    Icman, its good to see that others share the same interest / love.

    Back in the day, my foot of choice was a Connelly (model long forgotten). Just remember paying some good cheese for it even out of the Overtons catalog. Was one level below a comp ski *four stars or something like that*. 12 or so years ago and I paid boo koo extra for the rear foot having the full boot.

    Nice to look back and remember my first time jumping on it from a deep water start. Couldn't hardly do it after being so used to the combo ski set slalom. Fun ski, but would pull your arms out if you cut hard and didn't get redy for it.

    This was around the time the wakeboards were starting to get a little attention. They still had the "skurf-er" style to them and some makes were pulling away from that and making them smaller and flatter but with the round nose. Then it seemed like a day or two later they came out with what you see now and I bought one. Fun times.
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    Man, that brings back memories. I rode a pair a few years ago with a set screw binding lock. it was, uh old school to say the least. Nothing like an O'Brien Mapple or anything else new tech.

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