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    I know I am joining this thread rather late - as for the discharge current - a cap - or any other power source - will only deliver as much current as the consumer pulls - if your motor (or ESC) will only pull 100A all your wires etc. have to be sized for that (plus a safety margin). Never mind if your power source COULD deliver more if no one is asking for it.

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    After reading this, it got me wondering about using a touring car to exploit the discharge/regenerative braking cycle to charge in the corners and holeshot the exit. If there was a way to effectively use the motor to charge the caps instead of using drag brake entering the corner and using the top end of the throttle to boost acceleration while exiting, it might reduce lap times without using as much battery. Just a thought - I realize that there are more details that would need to be worked out but it would be interesting to see it functioning correctly.

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