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    That is the main reason for the entire go-kart concept was tires big enough and are designed to take the high speed run without failure.

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    There is one important aspect of this entire event that you guys have not discussed very much and that is visual limits from a fixed position. This will limit how fast it goes because I believe it is capable of 180 to 200+ mph with a chase helicopter on the salt flats with a mile or 2 of track, but remember we have 1/4 of a mile or 1320 feet plus 2400 feet of runoff to use that is not quite 3/4 of mile total room to accelerate and deaccelerate. Have you guys looked at something 1/4 mile away and can tell how much a wheel is turned? I can tell you it is very very very very difficult even as big as my car is!
    Have You thought of an onboard camera end a decent monitor/goggels.
    I mean thats what the military does and they do far remote just fine.
    Just my $0.02

    Jeez over a year between posts

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