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    Hi guys!.....does anyone know of a good replacement motor (with out too many mods!) that will bolt right on to the Aqua Craft outboard that will enhanse performance a little. The exact replacement motor from Aqua Craft is only $9 or so!??????? Can't be too good of quality?????just wondering if anyone has tried other motors of better quality????Brand? price etc.???any info is greatly appreciated! I am running 8.4 7 cell packs 1800mah,about all the stock motor will handle I assume????

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    Have you checked this ;
    I don't know anything about electric motors but I thought it was good starting point.

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    maybe a 19 turn motor would help. i've heard of some other mod motors that guys have used, but can't remember which ones. you might want some better batteries too. they'll provide much better speed and run time.

    Thanks for the info....I was told the speed controller will not handle much more than what I have????(1800 mah 8.4 V)......Some say the OrionSV2 Pro will drop right in (23 turn) about the same size physically,will pep it up a little...with same batteries.....I checked the specs. on Towers website and it appears to be about the same as stock?it goes for around $29 as opposed to $9 for a Aqua Craft replacement....the orion motor has ajustable timing? something I am not to familar with????would I benefit from this and why is there an ajustable timing on an electric motor????
    any explaination appreciated!

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    timing has to do with the position of the brushes in relation to the magnets. advanced timing typically means more an extent. "stock" motors have 24 degrees of advance and they are fixed, no changing. mod motors allow timing adjustment so you can tweak and tune and get the most out of the motor.

    Thanks again for that bit of info on timing,etc...If I was to get a motor with ajustable timing,at what degrees would it be you think from the manufacture????will there be some enclosed instruction as to how to make the changes or will I be on my own!?? trial & error?

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    gosh...been a while since i've bought a brushed motor. the only one i have right now is a stocker with fixed timing. if i remember right, they usually come with timing set at zero. they usually have timing marks of some sort on the label. advancing the timing is as easy as loosening 2 screws, turning the endbell a little and re-tightening the set screws. the mod motors i've had so far have all come with instructions to inform you how to change timing, so it should be no big deal. there are lots of different ways of figuring out the "right" timing for a motor, but i didnt' play with them for very long before switching to brushless.

    Thanks for all your info Boat Doc! I really like this site as someone (like yourself) always usually has an answer for R/C boating questions....or can steer you in the direction of someone that does know........
    I am just now beginning to mess with electrics a bit,ran nitro for a pretty long while though(everthing from deep vees to "outriggers",including outboards)...and picking up bits and pieces of info on here has surely taken some of the guess work out of the hobby!especially with electric set ups.......

    I replaced the stock motor with a 23 turn Team Orion Formula SV2 pro-bushing motor with good results. This exact motor does NOT have adjustable timing. It is fixed at 10 degrees I think. The Pro-BB motor (ball Bearing) has the adjustable timing.
    I also got a good quality 7-cell NiMH battery pack which is a significant performance improvement over the NiCd sport pack I was using before.

    Thanks for that info! do you have a part # for that orion motor???Tower Hobbies list that motor but shows it to be a Bushing motor????I had already looked at that one before as someone else had suggested also.And one of the 23 turn motors (Orion) has been discontinued according to Tower,it was the 25,000 rpm motor I think????

    The Tower Hobbies part number for the motor I have is LXJAK6. Yes, it is a bushing motor. The info I gave about the non-adjustable timing conflicts with what the Tower tech notes say. However I got this info from a magazine review on these motors. Anyway, I haven't done anything special with mine and it works well.

    Thank you ever so much for the part # and info.....I will see if I can locate one of these somewhere????I am sure it would be an improvement over the cheap stock motor!which only list for $9 as a replacement. I can't believe Aqua Craft used such a cheap motor in what appears to be a pretty nice outboard unit? the housing,gears,bearings,etc. seem to be of pretty good quality?others have said the outboard is pretty near indestructable!!so hopefully with a motor upgrade,it will be a good unit??????????/

    If you switch to this motor you will likely need to trim the outboard up a little to compensate for its lighter weight. Otherwise it will run with the bow too low and too much of the hull will drag in the water. The same goes for switching to a high mAh battery pack. It will be heavier and you'll likely have to trim up again.

    I think most of the development effort and cost went into the outboard unit because it is of good quality and indestructable like you said. It seems to be pretty normal for RTR's to use inexpensive lower quality parts like the electric motor you mention in order to keep costs down.

    Well said ! and you are totaly right about keeping cost down on RTR boats....but I for one had rather pay extra for a good motor, already included, with a quality designed unit?my theory is: Why put a Volkswagon motor in a Rolls-Royce!!! sorta defeating the purpose wouldn't you say????

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