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    If anyone is interested, I will post the final build tally and total cost... But trust me, it aint for the faint of heart.

    I got a question for anyone who can help..
    Are you supposed to grease the Piano wire?? it is so smooth I don't see why but I will if you guys suggest it.
    Why is it that the faster the boat goes the more problems I have with the driveline. the 2- 3mm set screws no longer want to hold. I got some case hardend set screws and that cured that but then the wire came out of the shaft.
    I think I'm bout to stop trying to make it go faster and try just making it run a lil more stable and a lil more reliable. By the way she went 54.6 MPH and pulls beautiful SAW's with the X447/3 but as always turning it is a bouncy event. And as I watch the watt meter she is drawing over 94 AMPs, thank gosh I didn't get the 80 Cuda I think it would be toast by now.

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    stable and reliable = good! keep the speed in check, and make sure it handles well and you'll be rockin'.

    I mean I'm willing to go back down in prop size and cell count to get it back to where it was fun and my son had a chance to beat me. I think I want to try my hand at putting together a MeanMachine, 12 to 14 maybe 16 cells max. Any ideas on a good setup? BL motor, cell count and prop size?

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    Yes you should grease the wire. Also a good lube on the stub shaft is a must.

    I like to grease the wire and then drop some light oil down it and then install it.

    If the stub came apart I can probably fix it for you. I also make them for SAW racing with a double lock...Locite and a set screw on the wire. They won't come apart.

    You also need more than one set screw on the wire from the coupler. The one I sell has 4 on the wire and 2 on the motor. The wire needs a light flat side on it to hold better.

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