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    Anybody??? Anybody???

    while playing with the FE Calc it is saying that the Prather S215 will take the boat with 20 cells into the mid to high forty's..... how close is the FE Calc??

    I still have not hit 45 MPH or better, but that wall is comming down!!! I noticed the other day while running it that it was kinda learching foward, when I opened the hatch I noticed that the small copper bushing on the end of the stuffing box was black and I could see that the wire took on some pretty good heat. Not only did it take on heat it welded itself to the wire(I was surprised I didn't smoke the ESC) So I ran down to the LHS to see what could be done. Shop owner said get your hardhat on we gotta do some ugly pulling to get it out. Well we did and it was locked on like a pitbull, never the less we got it out, as I asked for a replacment he laughed and said for what? "so it can freeze up again, you don't need it" I asked what was it there for and he replied " to stop water, but you will do just a good of job if you don't let the boat sit in the water for hours at a time". We checked the wire against a streightedge and other than the hot spot it was fine. I also grabed two 3600 10 cell sticks( I know my wife is going to beat on me for it but they were calling my name ) ran out back and WHOA!!! She went 41.8 MPH!!! I'm now thinking she will do atleast the 45MPH I want with the X447, if I ever get it...(HINT) If Offshore ever gets it in stock... (HINT, HINT) If Steven would just give me the dang prop... (HINT,HINT,HINT) LOL
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    just a quick may want to move your RX away from the drive line a little more. i like to keep mine as far away from moving parts as possible, within reason, of course.

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    If the boat is still pulsing/porposing like in the video, it is losing a lot of speed. Keep the prop solidly in the water and that speed will go up with no prop change. I'm not familiar with that particular cat, but try raising the prop an 1/8" at a time, keeping it parallel to the bottom of the sponsons. Adjusting the CG for and aft may help too. You may have to keep at it for awhile, but get it to run flat and smooth and it will be faster and run longer with less heat.


    I purchased the hull with all of the hardware pre installed, the only adjustment I have is to move the battery trays back and forth to transfer weight. It is however running like a champ now!! I raced my son today with his SV27 (LMAO) needless to say he got mad at me. LMAO!! But with the aid of this forum and the wits of you guys we got the SV up to 35mph on 12 cells and 38.4mph on 14cells my 17 year old son made the vid but he didn't know what he was doing so when we came in to view it there was three 2 minute vids one of his finger, one of him walking to the other side of the pond and one of my younger son running to get his boat out of the water. My wife said she will do it but now my son don't wanna race me... LMAO.

    What did you do to up the SV speed on 12 cells?

    Beleive it or not replaced the cells. Stop using the cheaper 3000 mAh sport packs and now use the IB 3600's. BoatDoc told me somewhere in one of these threads about better cells, mainly speaking on the IB 4200's but my LHS said that they were a bit fragile for our beatings because the kids tend to run the packs till the heat melts and even burst cells. I guess you can say if I got LiPo's in this house sombody is gonna get hurt! And after seeing the 3600's come back in blazing hot, cool off, take several charges and keep powering the boats like the dickens they are the cells for me. Just for records in the past month NONE have been damaged yet and we charge and drain them five to six times a day. The 4200's might give a little more kick but I don't think they will take the baseball bat beatings we give out...

    And you haven't cooked anything yet with 14 cells?

    LMAO, nope the SV is killer on 14 cells.


    If your son was running 14 cells, how many cells on your cat do you think would be a good race?

    Kirker, It don't matter I put my cat together to DOMINATE that lil red SV.. He poked fun at me many times after beating on my Nitro RTR's... But if it does matter, the Jolly has 20 cells in it but it is also heavier and longer.

    My son hung his boat out to dry and grabbed the cam for a 3 minute shoot of the Cat and here she is.....
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    you should be able to get more speed if you can get the boat to run smooth... maybe change the batt placement.

    I'm finding out more and more about the boat the more I run it. The battery trays have been from as far back as they can go to so far foward the boat rides like a brick. The new mishap I'm seeing now is that I've had the drive wire has been in too tight, so tight that it is melting the teflon spacer infront of the drive dog. I added a lil play about 1/32 of space and I'll post the results if any.. The only other thing I can see to do is to change the prop(Go Bigger!!) or prop angle and I don't foresee that happening because it is molded in place and I refuse to hack on the boat to get another mile or two out of it and possibly screw it up. But all in all it's a blast, even skipping along at 42mph!!!

    Just went 43.2 MPH!!! I also noticed that the chop in the roostertail stopped as she came up to speed.

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    I have a replacement wire drive when you need it. I make them for bigger boats using .078 and .093 wire. They are solid.

    Jeff, how do I get intouch with you? And she just hit 46.1MPH, bouncing around like a basketball and yes I intend to do more playing around with the weight transfer. I guess the last time I had the cells full rear was when the bushing on the wire seized up. I'm starting to think it might hit 50 MPH with the X442 and who knows with the X447...

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    Rather than going way up in prop diameter (and possibly suffering the negative torque reactions larger props sometimes causes on narrow cats) why not try an x640 or x642? These have greater pitch and for the same rpm will go faster while keeping the prop diameter under control. Worth a try.

    It appears from the photos that you can't raise the strut or change its angle without major work - too bad. That would be the easiest way to get rid of the hopping. About all you have to play with is the CG and prop designs.


    Thank you Fluid,
    As you know, this is all new to me, and even though I'm a learner in progress, this boat tickles me pink and I really do appreciate all of the knowledge you guys pass on to me.
    The MFG suggestions were all I mainly had to go on, so I went slow with that and now you got my brain tweekin again. I used FE Calc to ballpark the boat but never thought to try different props with the Calc, so I stayed along the X4 lineup. Now that I've got the boat running faster then the FE Calc says it should, I thought the only other option was to go with a bigger prop because I had no idea that there was a such thing as a BETTER prop. Now insted of the X447, I did Calc figures on the X6 line and the X642 and X645 might take me where I want to be with speed.
    Now for the recap of today, so far I think I have a good setting for CG because the hopping is less and the low speed bouncing is a little more under controll. whith the CG where I have it now the boat runs 45.6 MPH. But if I throttle up too fast the boat starts jumping out of the water. I wish I could just lower the prop but my unskilled hands won't be doing any cutting on that hull.

    The best I can do with the setup so far @ 46 MPH..
    but have no fear I'm happy as a, happy as a, well let's just say I'm happy. LMAO

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    You can catch me at

    That drive line is taking a beating with it hopping like that.

    Well all I'm happy to say 50MPH fell and thats faster then I wanted it to go. This FE boat is a monster... 50.8 MPH!!! KILLER, and now I'm getting bored with it. I'm now thinking about a Hersteller Lindenau Cat but I have no clue where to get the hull, Anybody, Anybody???

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    how did it do??

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