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    what'cha testing Ed?

    I was just figuring out how to post it figured now .
    Build anything interesting lately DD?

    Matter of fact, I'm selling off a few things and trying to take a new turn in the hobby. Only ran once in the last 7 months. No problem though. Got a new Whiplash and Joe Petro's Rockett on the way so trying the hand at building from sticks it seems.

    If I could ever LOG ON FROM HOME (help admins), I'd post how to build a strut with the new mill.

    I have been lookin at the woodies too ( not that kind lol) I might give the I-box a try. Been shopping too.
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    Doubledog looks like you got your whiplash just in time Brian is taking a break for a while. Man those whiplashs haul ***. When he's back at it the fiberglass version will be ready for sale.
    I order the new EZ Vee from Joe... excellent price. I won't feel so bad if I screw up honing my build and paint skills. It will also give me something to do until the new AC cat is ready for sale.

    Ed, nice hardware bud. I watched when you snatched it up a few weeks ago. If it were mine, it would most likely be put on display in my office

    Speaking of Whips, yeah, ordered one two weeks ago and should be here any time. Very excited to try something new.

    Joe Petro... I saw that new mono of his. Totally sweet no doubt. The hydro that I picked up isn't the normal Rockett, is the newer 'lifted' version. Still trying to figure it out, but it's on order as well.

    Something tells me we're in for some fun this summer.

    DD, it should be a great summer I'm looking foreward to running the boats for the first time this year. In truth winters are not so bad as I like building and tinkering just as much.

    Where can I find info on this Rockett or is that what you call the Rivett because it would fit that shovel nose looks fast in the vid. After I practice on the EZ Vee I might give it a try.

    On the subject of the hardware it will likely never see the water especially if Rich doesn't start up shop again .

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