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    I am building a model of the Weatherly (America's Cup winner) from an old and discontinued kit. The model can accept R/C. I have no problem with building the ship, but I would like some guidance about how to incorporate the radio controls. Does anyone have experience with this model?

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    Nice choice... I'm not familiar with the kit, but boat was/is a real beauty.

    What size is your boat? I have an EC-12, which should be pretty similar for purposes of rigging. Actually, I also have smaller boats rigged the same way -- for instance, the Star45 shares the same double-diamond rig that was carried by mid-century 12-meter boats.

    Anyway, I use a setup that's lost popularity in which a traveler chain is looped below deck and the sheets sonnect to the chain. It makes it so no turn-arounds or leverage devices are added that might interfere with the free mopvement of the booms. It also makes it so the sheets are fully controlable without tensioning devices or risk of tangling.

    The traveler's driven by what's come to be called a bang-bang servo -- one that acts similar to a real person in a real boat: if the sheet is too slack you command it to tighten; if the sheet's too tight, you command it to loosen. To me, it's more natural than the now-common fully-proportional setups that force you to position the control stick parallel to the desired boom position.

    Anyway, let me know if you'd like some details.

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