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    Too often I see people having difficulty posting pictures on these forums, and I feel like I should make a thread so that people have some reference material. So I created a little tutorial:

    Step 1.0
    Locate the picture you would like to post on your computer machine (typically in "My Pictures" or some other location on your C:\ Drive).

    Step 2.0
    Visit an image uploading site such as or and create an account if necessary (I know photobucket requires an account but imageshack does not)

    Step 3.0
    Upload your picture on the image hoster of your choice. Here is how using Photobucket:

    Step 3.1
    Select Browse.

    Step 3.2
    Locate your picture.

    Press the "Open" button in the popup window, and then the "Upload" button in the Photobucket page.

    Step 3.3
    Now that you've uploaded your picture into the image hoster, you should see something like this:

    Notice the newly uploaded image (check the filename "IMG_0767.jpg"!), and the field labeled "IMG Code". The "IMG Code", or html image code, is the important part.

    Step 3.4
    Place your cursor into the IMG Code field, and CLICK ONCE. Notice the new message that appears- "Copied"

    You have now copied the HTML Image Code necessary to post your picture on the forums. This copy is stored in your computer's "clipboard" for near future use.
    You are now finished with the online image hoster.

    Step 4.0
    Go to the message window on the forums (either a reply window or a new thread window). Right click with your mouse, and select "Paste". This will paste the HTML image code into the message window. You won't immediately see the image, but when you make the post and submit it, the picture will show up for everyone else to see. So here's what the image code should look like in the message window:

    Step 5.0
    Now, select "Preview Post" to make sure everything looks ok, to see your picture before you post it, and to prevent accidental posting of the wrong picture.

    Step 6.0 (and FINAL step)
    Finally, select "Submit New Thread" once your post is perfect, and VIOLA! You've just added a whole other dimension to your posting capabilities! Now you don't have to describe anything, just post a picture of it! Think of the time and hand cramps you'll save, because as you know: Pictures are worth a thousand words!

    Here's my picture:

    I hope this tutorial helps everyone forum wide to better understand how to post pictures. Please anyone who notices anything left out- LET ME KNOW!

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    Awesome writeup! You got yourself a sticky.


    o ya

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    Thanks MasterChief!

    It was quite easy to follow. An added bonus is that you don't have to worry about the file being the right size to fit the forum... just paste the link and go.

    Mike De
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    thanks i wish i sw this i just spent an hour trying to do this

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