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  1. IC Cars initial assistance rules? 

    Real land speed record cars are unable to get off the line without a decent push start from a truck or other method. As speeds increase with IC cars we will have similar problems. Instead of designing a car to have a million gears how about allowing some form of initial assistance?

    There has to be some rules for this so does anybody have any ideas? heres what I think

    Initial Assistance can only be used to assist the car to attain a reasonable speed before the primary method of prepulsion takes over.

    Initial assistance device cannot be operable during the speed measurement of the car ( No fans or turbines)

    Initial assistance device cannot be attahed to the car duriing the final speed measurement (Rockets used and then detached?)

    Innitial assistance can only be used for max 132ft at the start of the run.

    Some examples.

    Detachable rockets
    Push with another IC car or detatchable buggy
    Bungee cord

    Problems are that you might want to make a hybrid car with an alectric motor and IC power and use the electric motor to get it up to speed. We might need another catagory for hybrids.


  2. Pandora's box 

    The argument that "full size" speed run cars use "Initial Assistance" --- is week.
    If you'd like, I can come up a heck of a lot difference's between Full & scale competitions.

    The main problem I have with this suggestion is the "slippery slop" that this creates -- if adopted. I believe the rules are structured enough to be considered reasonable. Yet, the rules , don't restrain creativity.
    In fact, it encouraged.

    That being said
    I applaud your creativity. I just don't see how this would help promote speed runs in the future.

    How's things in UK ?
    Nic Case

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    Hi Nic.

    Its Ok for you with your massive torque at low speed... LOL

    I see what your getting at though. Mind you there is nothing stopping me trying any of this stuff such as initial assistance and hybrid cars as long as its not in comps.

    For now I dont think anybody other than me is thinking of assistance so wont affect this years comp.

    Not in the UK until 20th Feb and then its a rush to build the car for the comp on 16th March.


    Best of luck....

    I just don't see how this would help promote speed runs in the future.

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    I may be shooting myself in the foot here, but I think I would agree with Nic. It adds the necessity for ‘the next technology’ which everyone will have to have in order to be competitive and after all that work and money we’re still in the same ranking as before. Low bottom end is something we all have to battle so it’s fair to everyone. It would make IC more competitive with electric but I don’t think it will ever be even.

    However, the idea of rocket assist is pretty wild!

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