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  1. Mini Product Review: Iwata HP-CS & Kustom Kolor Paints 
    Hey everybody,

    Iwata HP-CS

    I got my shiney new HP-CS yesterday, got it all set up and then got sidetracked working on a racecar, so today was the first chance I had to shoot paint.

    I just unpacked it and went to work, so here's my views with that in mind, with comparisons to my trusty standby Paasche VL ST Pro:

    The air and needle action straight out of the box is the smoothest I've ever felt. So much so that I re-worked and did some more polishing on my 2 y/o Paasche VL to try and improve it's action some more.

    With such smooth trigger action, fine line control is hands down, flat out awesome. With my VL, I thought I just needed lots more practice to get the control I wanted, and while I still need lots more practice, the HP-CS does exactly what you want without any special handshakes or cryptic secret codes to get it.

    Just an all-around great brush, not one single regret about my purchase.

    The only cons I have are very minor and can be fixed without much difficulty, but here they are anyways:

    Paint does stick to the needle a very slight amount. I'm sure putting some extra polish action on it will cure this, but out of the box it will happen. Thicker opaque colors seem to stick more than candies, but they all do it to some degree. Likewise with the cup, especially down at the needle channel. Not a deal breaker, but you do need to be vigilant during color changes, and ALWAYS do a test spray after a color change in case you missed some during the quick cleaning between colors.

    Needless to say, I still like my VL, but it's getting relegated to larger coverage area duty, and fine detail work I'm going to be reaching for my new HP-CS. I'm really looking forward to pushing my personal limits with this two-brush combo now.

    Now for Kustom Kolor Paints:

    Again, I couldn't be happier with this purchase. These colors are brilliant, consistent, and very no-fuss. For those that don't know, this is a new line of paint geared toward modelers, using House of Kolor pigments in a plastic-specific solvent base.

    Since the literature recommended reducing no more than 20%, I decided to spray it straight in my HP, to test sprayability of the paint, and to see what my HP would do with a fairly thick solvent based paint.

    I had no spitting, no webbing, no build-up on the nozzle, and no control issues whatsoever.

    I have not tried reducing the paint at all yet, simply because I was so pleased with how the paint performed straight from the bottle. I will be experimenting with various reducer ratios to see the effects in the future.

    I also haven't tested these paints with my VL to see if they're too thick for a siphon feed unreduced, that is also in my future tests.

    So there you have it, hope this helps someone.

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    Great review! Thanks.

    I will add acomment about Kustom cannot use liquid masking with them. They melt and reseal your cuts and poof, ruin your work. Much like Pactra from the spray cans will. Stick with tape or vinyl for design work with KK paints.

    Oh wow. Thanks a million for the head's up! I love liquid mask, never used it with pactra spray cans and never had a problem with any of my other paints, so it never occured to me that KK paints would have an issue with LM.

    You may very well have just saved me a huge headache, thanks again!

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    At the bottom of your Iwata box you should have received a .06 oz bottle of SuperLube. It's exspensive stuff when you consider the quantity you receive. either way just stick your needle into the bottle and it will help with the paint sticking to your iwata.

    Yep, got the SuperLube, and I'm using it sparingly, as everyone I've talked to tells me a little goes a long way.

    I guess I'll find out tomorrow if the first clean and lube after my 4 hour break-in session cures the paint stick. It's really not a huge issue for me since I could see it when I cleaned between colors, just had to make sure it was all "unstuck" and cleared out before moving on to my next color, which happened about... 20 times today in 4 hours.

    Another thing I just thought of for guys like myself just trying to learn all you can. For practice I'm using a plastic picture frame glass replacement sheets. You can paint it inside out like an RC body, or lay down a base color and paint like you would full scale. If things don't turn out the way you like, you can erase it all with thinner and a rag, or DOT 3brake fluid, wash it, dry it and go at it again. I've got a couple 8"X10" sheets and some 5"X7" sheets. Been nice and sturdy plastic to try things out without potentially wrecking a body.

    8X10 sizes are about $4 a piece, and survive many "wash" cycles before it's wrecked if you treat it like lexan bodies. I've also found the added thickness to be a bit easier to deal with than 2-liter bottles [less tape needed to hold it in place]. Even if you decide not to try and clean the paint off, each sheet is still a whole lot cheaper than a fresh lid.

    One other thing about KK paint.

    For those of you out there still not using a respirator when painting, this paint may possibly finally get you to do things safely. I picked up a new one to replace my 5 y/o one that used particulate only filters, whereas my new one has an organic vapor and particulate combination filter. I never noticed the solvent smell when spraying, until I removed my respirator to take a break between colors, and I do all my painting in my garage with lots of fans for ventilation.

    Bottom line, Use a respirator always, and ESPECIALLY with KK paints!

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    +100 ^^

    KK paints look fantastic, I have had a little trouble with it "breaking" off the body from racing. It seems that VERY thin coats are necessary with this brand to cure this problem. From what I've seen, coats of a similar thickness when using SpazStix may even be too thick with KK. Otherwise, it is great paint.

    And you are definitely right about the need for a proper painting respirator, the reducer smells like it could kill a few million brain cells very quickly!

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