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  1. First all Kustom Kolors body 
    Hey guys, long time since I've posted a body.

    As the title suggests, this is the first body I've done totally in Kustom Kolors paint, after my experimentations with it.

    Theme is fire and water.

    Body is Gunmetal, flames are transparent permisson, yellow and white, drips are metallic blue, transparent pearl purple, royal blue and white.

    I've been practicing my drop shadows and freehand techniques a lot lately, though I went for simple and just tired to get a clean body on this one, still not confident enough in myself to commit it to a body quite yet.

    I was also going to try painting in the head/tail lights, hence why they're clear in the pictures, but I chickened out and used the decals.

    I know I'm nowhere near pro, I paint because it's fun, but pointers and comments are welcome.
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    the vc
    a lot better than i can do nice painting

    Parma Fire and Ice masks.....Nice color choice too. My Erevo body was just painted with that mask too.

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    yes indeed that is very nice!alot better than i can do too!

    i think tinted windows would be awesome or you can use a transparent color a light coat of any color would be pretty cool

    when I get back to my room later, I'll post a pic of the revo....wait, I think I have it posted on here the monster truck forum

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    Great color choices. Good job!

    Thanks for the encouragement guys.

    I did discover some things with the KK transparent candies. VERY light coats and lots of them are the key. I know I messed up on the flame tips in a few spots simply because I tried to lay it in too thick to get the coverage I knew I'd need when I backed it with yellow. As a result, I only did about 5 coats, when I probably needed to use the same amount of paint, but stretch it out to around 15 coats if I'm going to be using candies in a fade.

    And yes, it's the fire and ice mask, but by the time I picked out and laid in my colors, it looks more like fire and water to me.

    I did a CP2.0 in KK paints for my revo yesterday as well, though my wife picked the colors. I'll probably post those up later in this thread.

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