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  1. Retro - Insane Speed Run Video -- 1992 
    Here is a Montage of VHS Clips - of the 1990 & 1992 R/C Thunderdromes. I received permission from Dan Moynihan & Gary McAllister to publish this bit of Radio Controlled history.(thanks guys)
    Gary Hamilton, Kent Clausen & Cliff Lett are featured in this – blast-from-the-past.
    Many other big names of RC are in the “results”. This is where the Insane Speed Run got it’s start.

    Insane Speed Run Video from 1992

    Retro footage of the R/C Thunderdrome


    Ahhhhh the memories!

    The RCThunderdrome events were some of THE BEST
    R/C events ever. The fact that so many of the guys who
    participated in these incredible races still have such fond
    memories of it almost 2 decades later is a true test of time.

    So many of these guys were like KIDS back then, and here
    they are still racing today. R/C Racing is a GREAT HOBBY.'s a little info about the MODERN "Insane Speed Run" that
    will be held at the location of that 1990 RCThunderdrome event.

    The ENCINO VELODROME - April 25th, 2009.

    The ISC has teamed up with the South-West Tour Series annual
    ALLSTAR SHOOTOUT to bring this exciting Oval VELODROME race
    some of the charm of the old RCThunderdrome events held 2 decades ago.


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