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    Apparently the Mamba Max 7700 can overheat quite quickly... how can I tell? Use my temp gun and aim it at the motor? or ESC? Is that what everyone is doing? I'm coming from nitros so that's what I'd assume... Or does the ESC automatically shut down the motor when it gets too hot?


    Yea, aim it at the motor. You can aim ait at the ESC also if you are curious. It has a cutoff for the ESC but not the motor. Under normal circumstances in a touring car or pan car I dont think you will ever have to worry with overheating. I run a MM7700 in a TC3 and it works amazing. I have overheated mine several times on accident while trying to get to 70MPH, reaching way over 200F a few times. It still feels as good as the day I bought it though.

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    FYI you will get inaccurate readings if you aim at the can. Aim at the black endbell or anything non-metalic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpEEdyBL View Post
    FYI you will get inaccurate readings if you aim at the can. Aim at the black endbell or anything non-metalic.
    Or attach a bit of electrical insulating tape to the can of the motor and read the temps off the bit of tape not the metallic can.

    Thanks guys. Don't aim at can. Will do.

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    I aim at the back of the can. Seems to be pretty accurate to me, when compared with the heatsink.

    I'm not following the point that speedybl and timie1 are making with regards to not measuring off the can ? Is it the angle or emissivity or ?

    I've been using a duratrax flashpoint with an emissivity of 77 for reading the mamba motor can (or endbell) and seems to give fairly consistent (for what I need) readings in either location.
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    It has to do with emissivity. I did a test. I boiled some water in an aluminum pot and the temp reading on the outside of the pot measured in the 120s when it should be over 200F. The emissivity of metals very greatly, so it's very difficult to get an accurate reading. Anodization increases emissivity and sometimes so does color (darker = more emissive). Regardless metals have an emissivity close to 1.00 which is why I measure the endbell sticker on my motors and set my probe to 95E. I've seen up to a 40 degree spread between the can and the endbell of my CC 2650 motor.

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