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  1. Cool Lipo Battery....Can I use this? 
    I recently bought a Tanic 5s3P 7350mah 10-12C Lipo off of ebay for a great deal..... I wanted to use it in my supervee 27, blackjack 26, and Aeromarine mean machine.....The item number to my new pack is as follows:

    I usually run 2 2s lipos in series.... usually 5000mah 20c batteries.... these work great, but I know that the stock esc's in the supervee and bj 26 are supposed to be able to handle a 5s lipo...... my mean machine has a 10xl nemesis motor with a cc hydra 120......

    My question is:
    Can I run this 5s3p in my blackjack with stock running gear except a radio upgrade and octura prop, and a stock supervee???? The 5s3p 7350mah is a large size battery so I was going to put it on one side of my boats and put ballast weight on the other side...... also what is the difference between my 5s3p and a 5s1??? I know I may not be able to run this in my aeromarine because of the amp draw... but what do you folks think?????

    Another question I have with my new battery is how to charge it...I have a pulsar 3 charger and a duratrax ice charger....neither charge 5s and neither are balance chargers...... is there a way I can charge a 5s with them and if not what do you fellow r/c'ers recommend for a charger?

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    I think you'll be running too many amps and burn up the speed controller before 3000 mah is used on battery. I use the 2 3s4000's and have a selection of props for adjustment of heat problems. I use lead ballast, hammer it out with a hammer to flatten it out, silicone or right stuff works so the ballast can be removed. Saved me from torque rolls many times. There's a lot of good chargers out there, I'd suggest onyx 235 or newer as its a reliable charger/ balancer for the $ buck and easy to use.

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