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  1. Quark 33a Pro Car Programming Issues 
    Hi GUYS,
    I own a Quark 33A Procar Esc and I have a few issues:

    1) I'm going to prepare a Team Associated Rc18B Factory Team model for 1/10 tarmac course usage. It features either a Mamba 8000 Kv or Dinamyte C4 9200 Kv brushless motor plus Transcend 2200Mah - 35C (77Amp.) - 3S LiPo battery and a 15/55 gearing setup.
    The car will weigh 550-575 gr. more or less.
    Can any Quark Pro Car owner suggest me the better Quark 33A ProCar complete set-up according to his experience please?
    Will the above configuration fit perfectly the Quark intensive track usage?
    What Battery selection will I have to choose as I'm using the above LiPo (35C - 77Amp.)?

    2) The second question is very important:
    I'm actually using a Losi/Spektrum radio system taken from a Losi Mini-slider. When I try following your manual suggestions to enter into the basic program I'n not able to succeed in entering the basic program.
    I actually turn on the TX, then fix the throttle to the max position using a little adhesive tape strip. I turn on the ESC and consequently hold the ESC program button; my issue occurs right at this point: the manual suggests to move and hold the throttle stick to "minimum" position,what's exactly the "minimum position" it has many interpretations: I've tryed different "minimum" positions such as "half throttle opened" or "near neutral throttle gas opened" or "maximum braking throttle stick position" 5 notes sound has ever confirmed me the welcome to the basic programming :-(
    Where's my mistake?

    3)Rigth now when I use the brake during my run sessions I have some strange esc behave: just after the braking moment the model stops for 4-5 second and do not responds to my gas command, I'm sure it's ESC setting issue, what do exactly I have to reprogram please? In which one of the 3 program types?

    4) When I try in entering the advanced programming:
    What does "move throttle stick to the minimum positions" mean? What's exactly the right position? 10% or 30% or 40% stick opened?

    I really thank you in advance for helping me and I look forward for receiving as soon as possible a detailed reply.

    PS: have a look to my baby in the attached photo ;-)


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    I must say I don't have any actual experience with this ESC, but have you tried running a Spektrum Power Capacitor yet?

    Sometimes the BEC in the ESC can drop voltage and the Spektrum receivers don't like it very much.

    Also, as for the programming issue... You might try plugging in a 4-cell or 5-cell receiver battery to allow the receiver to link up before you plug in your main battery. MAKE SURE you do NOT have the switch in the "on" position when you do this. If you do, bad things can happen. The ESC must be turned off, but when you plug the battery in, it should enter programming mode.

    "Minimum" position, to me, means full brake/reverse.

    You may also try reversing the throttle channel on your transmitter.


    Thanks Eric, you're the only one who replied me in the many attempts I made

    Why do you suggest me to use a 5-6 cell battery? Has LiPo any contraindications in the esc programming procedure?
    What's a Spektrum Power Capacitor? Do you have any links?

    Tnx in advance

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