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  1. Question Need Help!!!! 
    I am trying to design my own rc skiff, but i do not know how to make a mast, can anyone help me.

    what do you mean how? like what to make it out of?

  3. Question What i mean is ... 
    I mean how do i make a mast out of aluminium. I dont know how to cut it or shape it so i need help

    the best way would be using a metal lathe...

  5. Question How do i... 
    where can i find a metal lathe

    harbor freight tools

  7. Question How much... 
    Would i have to pay? or is it free?

    Also do you know where i could buy some aluminium to make it?

    not sure where to buy the aluminum in your parts of the neighborhood, but Harbor Freight Tools sales tools so yes you would have to pay

  9. Talking  
    thank you thats very helpful

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