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  1. The ISC Ultimate Speed Run 2009 
    Sign-up time for the Ultimate Speed Run is here!
    ***How Fast is you R/C car? ***
    Come find out, with a dual optical speed trap & optimized conditions.
    It will be held at the Auto Club Dragway Nov 14th & 15th. 2009
    Entries will be limited to 60 - so acting quickly is advised.
    The Biggest– most highly publicized Radio Controlled Speed Run ever!
    Compete for Top Speed - World Records – in the 12 separate ISC classes.
    This Straight-line Event will be 2 days of exciting action.

    Bring It!


  2. 104 mph run 

    why is their no post about the speed run in November ??
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    Basically because the new website for Information On the Ultimate Speed Run -- is at

    RCCA definitely had a big part in promoting Strait-Line Speed events.
    But now, the ISC has picked up the ball, and we are running with it (very fast)


    Thanks for the info.I am flying from Kansas to come watch you all run. Is there allot of entry so far. We had our second annual speed run in Kansas and I took first place. Not as fast as you guys but not to bad for my first year. Next year we are going to have it at heartland park. I hope to go allot faster. Thank you for your time.

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