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  1. AMYA Website Transition 
    The Web page for the American Model Yachting Association is in the process of moving to Effective immediately, the domain for Association contact addresses will switch from to (ie: has changed to

    Please update your address lists accordingly, and pass this message on to anyone you think may be affected by this change.

    Also effective immediately, the American Model Yachting Association is no longer responsible for any material appearing on, or the delivery or privacy of email messages sent to that domain.

    We ask your patience during this transition and apologize for any inconvenience caused. We will issue further notices as progress is made.



    The interim AMYA web site is now up at Please update your links accordingly.

    The transition team recognizes that the site is a work in progress and we solicit your comments on, and corrections to, the pages.

    The next major update of the site is scheduled for 15 November. Interested parties can track our progress between now and then by subscribing to Dave Brawner's newsletter:



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