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  • January - hijacker's GT2

    4 6.56%
  • February - WheelNut's RC8T

    2 3.28%
  • March - AlienConcept's Hardcorr Slash

    1 1.64%
  • April - 09victory-rc's Rockstar Baja 5T

    5 8.20%
  • May - 1stGenCRXer's Pepsi E-Revo

    19 31.15%
  • June - SerpentKing101's Mazda 6

    3 4.92%
  • July - WheelNut's Subaru WRX STI WRC

    15 24.59%
  • August - Hemistorm's Baja 5B

    1 1.64%
  • September - bfutura15's Nat'l Guard Desert Rat

    2 3.28%
  • October - rezenclowd3's Proline LTC-R

    3 4.92%
  • November - mads creations' Mazda 6

    1 1.64%
  • December - trenton rc's Avatar Lexus

    5 8.20%

Thread: Best of 2009 Paint Competition - Intermediate Class

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  1. Best of 2009 Paint Competition - Intermediate Class 
    Best of 2009 Paint Competition - Intermediate Class

    The Intermediate winner from each month of 2009's Best Paint Competition is shown here.

    Choose your favorite to determine the ultimate Intermediate winner from 2009.

    This is not an ordinary Paint Competition, so ordinary prizes will not be awarded. The exact prize is still being determined, but there will be prizes for the 1st place winner of each class.

    Vote for your favorite and feel free to post your opinions and positive comments about the entries.
    The Polls will be open for 2 weeks.

    Good luck to everyone!


    January - hijacker's GT2

    February - WheelNut's RC8T

    March - AlienConcept's Hardcorr Slash

    April - 09victory-rc's Rockstar Baja 5T

    May - 1stGenCRXer's Pepsi E-Revo

    June - SerpentKing101's Mazda 6

    July - WheelNut's Subaru WRX STI WRC

    August - Hemistorm's Baja 5B

    September - bfutura15's Nat'l Guard Desert Rat

    October - rezenclowd3's Proline LTC-R

    November - mads creations Mazda 6

    December - trenton rc's Avatar Lexus

    Good Luck Everyone!

    So... does this bump me into the Pro class, or was this a "bonus" competition? lol.

    Thanks to everyone who voted, there were a LOT! And a special thanks to those who voted for me

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    Congrats 1stgenCRXer. We had a close battle going for a little while there, but you whooped my butt in the second week of voting!
    Great job on the water effect. That is something I have always wanted to try, but still haven't got around to it. I wonder what your prize will be?

    nice job 1stgencrxer. If you dont mind me asking how did you go about making the water effects did you use something special ? trying to learn some knew tricks if Im gonna have to keep up with you guys on my next body

    Lol, don't I know it WheelNut, I think I added 600 views to the thread just refreshing to see how it was coming along.

    Water drops really aren't difficult. Use real water, secure the body so it DOES NOT MOVE AT ALL! [get that part? ], then spray [mist really, no direct spray] some lacquer white and black from opposite directions and let the water dry. If the water drops are wiggling without moving, you're pushing things about as far as you can. If they wiggle and move, it's gonna look funky

    Thanks guys.

    Congrats 1stGenCRXer!

    Send me your real name and shipping info so I know where to send your prize.


    PM Sent, with some questions.

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