I've recently inherited this model Submarine that I have been told was brought back from Germany at the end of WWII. It's hand-made from solid wood and fiberglassed inside along with a broken up printers block being used as ballast. Many of the weaponry on top is made from wood, hair-pins, wire and some plastic. I doubt that this was from a kit.

The inside looks like it was once converted to become an RC model, as the propellers and prop-shaft (solid brass) rotate and the rudder has been connected to a servo attachment. The inside is watertight, and there are holes in the bottom at either side to let the water in, I'd rather not test it though in case it damages it.

It's about 2.5 foot long and weighs easily over 5KG.

Has anyone any idea what it exactly is? I was told that it might have been in a German museum in a glass case with a set of men as a display, or as a training aid in a water tank for new recruits. If anyone can give me an estimate on it's value I'd really appreciate that (I'd get it insured asap).

Many thanks!