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    #27 have skilz!!!

    What's the best way to contact you?

    BTW, that is all paint on that RockStar Proline Raptor. He nailed it perfectly! Very happy customer, can't wait to get the body and mount it on my XXX-SCT!

    I replied to all PMs. Sorry about taking so long... Thanks JLee!





    dude your good... I have that skoal body from back in the late 80's early 90's was working the on road track one of the guys racing bought it (was pre painted, nascar style body, heavy metal flake in the green) ran it once and gave it to me, said he didn't like how it ran(it was thinner then most of the nascar bodies)

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    nice Airbrushing work looks verry detailed great JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    100% Hand cut and airbrushed... Painted this up for the Red Cross RCX Build over at Baja Addicts. The paint work is my donation to the build. Hope you guys like it! I have about 8 hours in cutting the names/websites alone.... Pretty much just another thing I had to do to prove to myself I could do it. Yeah, a vinyl cutter would have been faster. But where's the talent in that? Flames upfront start off as white and fade to lime green. Outlined in chrome. The next layer is a custom mixed color, MR Charcoal. Outlined in chrome with black drop shadows. Final layer is a nice CF. All logos are painted, same with the lights and grill. Thanks for looking.


    you are just way, way too good

    LOL, impossible... Always room for improvement.

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    I just received the Baja Addicts body from Maxx. And I will tell you its amazing in person. Photos don't do it justice.
    Thanks again for all your hard work on this Maxx!!!!

    Thank you! Its a good feeling having painted that body. Thank you for letting me be apart of that build! Glad ya like it!

    Painted this up today for Bill, hopefully it can get me some attention at his upcoming race... Its my twist on the classic Gulf Racing colors. All hand cut, and airbrushed. Straight orange flames outlined in a custom mixed blue. Over some sky blue, with some drop shadows. Hope ya like it!

    Thanks guys.


    Painted this up today for Mark over at TGN. It will be MR's second shell on display at RCX this year! Hopefully he likes it. Graphics upfront start off as pure black, outlined in chrome. The next layer is a deep blue with silver and black marbled into it. Again, outlined in chrome. The final layer is 5 different colors of red and orange. All the logos are hand cut and airbrushed. Same with the lights and grill. Thanks for looking guys!


    I like the marble effect, and that grill is sweet!

    Thanks man!

    Do you have any bodies up for sale or do you only do requests ? I'm looking for a slash body. I would really like a body like the "Trix" truck but with a Jeff Gordon scheme.

    I only paint up orders. That way I am not sitting on a whole bunch of painted up shells. Just send me a PM and we can start discussing a body order.

    Well had a customer email me about having a Peeps themed shell. After messing around with the design for sometime, this is what I came up with for them. Its modeled after Peeps' website. Most of the colors on the shell are custom mixed by myself. That was half the fun. Not use to painting with pastel colors. I am rather happy with the way it finished up though, and should turn some heads on the track. As usual everything is hand cut and airbrushed. On to the pictures. Hope ya like it.

    Next up is another SC, then two 5Bs.

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    Loves me some Peeps! But you have to leave 'em out to get stale first!
    Or, put one in the microwave and zap it for a cool surprise.

    Stale peeps!!? Oh god no....

    Painted this up for a customer requesting a shell to match a 1:1 CORR Truck. With an added Tumbleweed Racing logo on the hood. As usual everything is hand cut and airbrushed.


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    Nice job,Those theme bodies are cool,you may have
    started a new fad...
    It would be funny if somebody showed up at
    the race track with a looney tune cartoon body...

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