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    All those little DG's hadda suck cutting out....

    Great job.

    Lets just say I was counting each one down as was cutting them... Thanks!

    Painted this up for a customer's son. He was after a shell themed around Captain Rex from the newer Star Wars movies. Kinda took what he was after and ran with it... Added Rex to the hood, the Republic logos to the rear, Star Wars logo and the stars in the bed. All 100% hand cut and painted. Lots of details on Rex, plenty of shading etc. All on a rather small shell, its a 1/24th scale Losi body. Hopefully you guys like it...


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    Nice. Need a picture with something in it for scale reference, like a dollar bill or such.

    Thanks, more pictures to show scale.


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    There ya go. Now people can appreciate the challenge you faced in that small shell.

    Powerful is this one! Hmmm.

    Well I painted this up today, pretty simple for an MR shell, but its what the customer wanted to go with my 5T he bought. Red tribal flames with black texture/streaking throughout. Outlined in gold. Next layer are the invisible flames, which are ghosted onto the final layer of pure black. You can see the ones on the top of the shell rather well, but I couldn't for the life of me get a decent picture of the sides. I will pull the truck outside tomorrow for better pictures. Chrome rollbar, red window trim, gold MR logos, and painted lights/grill finish up the shell. All 100% hand cut and airbrushed.


    Painted these up over the past two days... triplets for a Team Losi sponsored racer. Lots of stuff going on with these, 100% hand cut and airbrushed as usual.


    Painted this up today, 100% hand cut and airbrushed. Flames are red with black shadowing, outlined in gold. Base coat is pearl black. Carbon Fiber graphics on the sides. Painted lights and grill. What do ya think?


    Great work! I will have to send some bodies your way and see what you can come up with for Trick Parts!
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    Also, your source for Caster Racing, radiopost, Jconcepts, Exotek and more!

    Send me a PM.

    Painted this up for a member over at Baja Addicts that won an contest. Rather simple design, but I think it works well. 100% hand cut and airbrushed. Pure black drips on an orange base. White logos/font. Ottawa Valley R/C Addicts is also highlighted in red fading.


    Painted this up for OTROO. Pretty simple design really, pure black as the background, with it tearing away to reveal an American Flag underneath. Lots of shadow work. Think it turned out well in the end. 100% hand cut and airbrushed as usual.


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    love the work. I was wondering if you do T maxx bodies if so how much?

    Thank you, yep I paint just about anything... Prices depend on what you are after in a design. Check out my work at and email me through there. Then we can talk.

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    WOW what a talented amazing work you do, just added your webpage to my links.

    Painted these up for the same Team Losi racer as last time... 100% hand cut and airbrushed. Onto the next orders. Some real fun and original bodies coming up shortly guys!


    Finally got the airbrush back out. Theme was pretty much up to me if I remember right... lol 100% hand cut and airbrushed. Red urban camo for the center, pinned in black. Sides are MR's Custom Charcoal with black zombie silhouettes. Painted lights and grill etc. Hope ya like it!


    Been working on this one for awhile now, lots of cutting involved in it. Its a 1/5 scale PL VW Beetle. Main colors of the body are white, black and red. Fox Racing logos are pretty much everywhere. On the hood and roof they are charcoal and fade to black on black. The sides feature some carbon fiber. Everything is hand cut and airbrushed. No vinyl... Hope you like it guys! Now I am onto something I haven't seen done yet. Definitely treading into some new territory with the next one.


    The detailing on this is awesome. I love the shading and bolt heads on the window frames, and the small Fox logos in the black areas really set it off.

    Not to mention the motor details. Nice work.

    That is some nice work !!!

    This is been a design that Jim has been wanting me to paint up for quite sometime now. Like years... lol Well finally got my hands on the shell and started practicing how to pull it off. Think I managed to do that... All the rust is hand painted. Then threw a Herbie design underneath it. Topped it off with a nice matte finish and called it a day. Hopefully its what he had imagined, and makes it to him in time for RCX. 100% hand cut and painted as usual. Onto a 5B body next! Huge shout out to CBD for the help with the matte clear coat!


    2nd round for Swass. This time for his 5B, and he wanted something flat. Pure black flames up front. Next layer is a deep charcoal, outlined in a key lime pearl. And final layer is a lighter charcoal. All flat. 100% hand cut and airbrushed as you'd expect from

    Thanks for looking! Hope ya like it Swass!


    Takes a special kinda customer to ask for a design like this... and that customer would be Jim, aka Animal. Started out as Herbie, but with an added twist of adult themed sponsors. All 100% hand cut and airbrushed. Main color is custom mixed. Hope ya like it Jim!


    Painted this up today, 100% hand cut and airbrushed. This one really brings me back to where MR-Painting started. Painting Cudas and Chargers for the LHS for MTs. Though this time around no stickers... The hood has been painted flat black. The rest is a nice custom lime green, which I happened to already have mixed up. Think its from the Froot Loops body? Hope ya like it!


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