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  1. HPI Chevy 1500; Firestorm 
    Got my sister's paint code off her Blazer for this project, had to mix-up a color for the trim, matching it as best as Parma Faskrome/Black can mix, to her fender flares.

    Chevy truck should be in Chevy color...

    Yes, the net came out... Was just messing around with cutting...

    Still waiting on Pro-Line stickers and Integy stickers, to come with the Pro-Line and Integy parts...

    - CK

    Looks good.
    Is it automotive paint or lexan paint?

    Yes. PPG auto paint.

    How did you mix it? Any flex additive or other special prep? It will be interesting to see how it holds up.

    No, though that's not a bad idea... Didn't think of it because this shell is mostly just for looks; the original orange flamer shell is better to beat-on.

    Though I did take it out, rolled into a rock garden and scratched the top, as well as slammed into my truck (1:1 vehicle) at a pretty decent speed, with no flaking or chipping yet, though the throttle linkage scratched the one side, and the pipe scratched the other, both in the dark silver. Can't tell, though, unless you're staring at it.

    Think I might duplicate this body, but with some good acrylic enamel in this color. Local parts/supply store got a machine this year that does aerosol by paint code...

    - CK

    P.s. I also learned that a $150 Snap-On airbrush runs a LOT better than a $30 Testors aerosol-based brush, though the Testors brush has served me fairly well up to this point... Another thing I learned is 'keep the rubber thing over the tip while the brush is not in your hand...' Now my needle is bent... dunno how or when, but the needle got bent. Luckily, it's Snap-On and getting a new one shouldn't be too difficult...
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