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  1. Silly Rabbit, Trixs are for kids! 
    Painted this up for a guy I know. 100% hand cut and airbrushed as usual. No vinyl cutter here... Lights up front start off the body, which are hand painted. All the lights are painted up in KC Daylighter fashion. Grill is chrome, black and silver. Light bars are also chrome. Main color of the shell is straight red. Next layer of graphics are a custom mixed blue, outlined in white. MR Paintin and General Mills logos are both pure white. Bed is pure black. With custom painted fans. I also made up a couple custom number panels for the bed. The hood graphics are where most of my time was spent with painting. Couple more custom colors, some shading, and there ya go. A Trix logo... Had a lot of fun painting this one... Hope ya like it! Thanks for looking guys!


    Very cool - really nice job.

    Very precise cuts. wow

    Thanks! That's my goal, keep it all hand cut, and as precise as possible!

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    All those little KC logo's had to SUCK!!!!
    But hey turned out very well.
    As did the whole truck.

    Ah the KC's weren't that bad... Lately its been the lights and grills I've just haven't been looking forward to painting up. Not really sure what that's all about.

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