Thread: September 2010 paint comp thread?

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  1. September 2010 paint comp thread? 
    Seems there's been no action in this section since May or so... Is there gonna be no more of these? Seems a shame......

    I suppose there's only one thing left to do........ Make a new thread!

    Here's my entry:

    Body: HPI Chevy 1500.
    Scale: 1/10 Firestorm
    Paint/mask: PPG, Parma/Parma liquid mask
    Class: Rookie

    -Parma black/faskrome mix for bumper, lowers, number plates.
    -PPG WA9792 -> GM 'Indigo' blue.
    -Parma Faspearl Silver, roll bar and such.

    More pics:

    Would be cool to see this start-up again.

    - CK

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    Ruds Vedby, Sjealland, Denmark.
    Good initiative!

    Hope the guys will back it up!
    Sadly i have nothing to post up..

    Initiative nothin'!! I'm gonna win this month by default if nobody can post a better rookie entry!

    It's been my plan all along!!!!

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