Thread: How do I go 100mph , with my electric R/C car ???

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  1. How do I go 100mph , with my electric R/C car ??? 
    An updated version of;
    “How do I make my electric car go 100 mph?”
    Now-a-days it’s much easier than years back…. (with the knowledge base we now have)
    Here is a starter to get you pointed in the right direction;

    For a Car --- My experience has taught me that a 4WD sedan is the easiest to drive.
    I recommend the Team Associated TC4. (I have gone 143mph with a RTR TC4 on 4s)

    Radio choice -- (the only one that I know the range is good enough)
    It fits the 3PK ,3PJ, 4PK – but other 2.4gz radios are proving themselves to perform well.

    Motor & ESC -- best bang for the buck -MM 7700 --
    or the Monster Max ESC

    Mamba/Monster Max esc settings ----- Proportional w/o reverse - punch control disabled -- start power medium -- timing normal -- cut-off voltage disabled -- Brake & drag Brake 40% to 70% (I set it so I can go Full brake, without braking traction)

    Body---The Dodge that Vassmar used-. Though, higher down-force bodies do very well. Most regular touring car bodies blow over at about 70mph. Mount the body so it does not flap around .The hood and body-sides should be re-enforced with lexan/foam and Velcro/screws. Vertical fins on the rear will help with stability.

    Tires – keep it simple - Purple/35s foam tires – I use BSR

    Battery --- 3s 3700mah to 5000+, Lithium polymer,
    I use PowerEdge

    Gears -- I use RW 32 pitch steel gears --- but good plastic or aluminum 48 pitch gears will work with 3s or 4s power.

    Gearing is based on a lot things --- I'd start with 72/75spur & 35/33 pinion (48 pitch- TC4 on 3s with a 7700Kv motor)

    Vassmar -- has gone very fast with similar equipment (pay attention to his rear wing) B4maz has a great blog, chronicling everything related to speed running --

    Find a long smooth, open place to test. From about 800 to 1000 feet away, drive the car towards you --- thought a speed trap of some kind , then as is goes away, slow the car down SLOWLY, try to use a good 500 to 700 feet .

    Limit your dual-rate & add as much caster as you can. Mount the body so it does not flap around. Always keep the car straight, don’t over-correct. If it gets a bit squirrelly, abort the pass and fix the car. As you can imagine high speed crashes are not a good thing.

    Have fun --- Go fast

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    Your article provide much information about electric R/C car......


    Here is another link to help

    A liitle backwards at first...
    But full of good info

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    Sorry about not replying and taking so long Ive been really busy the last couple of days I just got done moving but I should have pics up in the next couple of days

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    Is it possible to make a 1/5 scale gas car go 100mph??

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitrohead5300 View Post
    Is it possible to make a 1/5 scale gas car go 100mph??
    There have been some guys getting really close.Both the FG and HPI have mad some very solid attempts.

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