Thread: Aquacraft Motley Crew or Pro Boat Miss Geico?

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  1. Aquacraft Motley Crew or Pro Boat Miss Geico? 
    This is going to be my first RC boat so I'm a newbie on water. Could someone tell me the pro's and con's between these 2 boats? I want a fast but stable boat. I want something that after awhile of learning, that if i want to mod it there is room for other options. I know enough not to get a boat like this and go full throttle the first time i put it in the water just to see how fast i can go before i crash. I just wanted some insight from someone with more experience. Thanks for any replys.

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    A cat boat may not be the best choice for you first boat.
    I would start out with a mono or V hull type then get a cat or twin hull as some may put it .
    Can't go wrong with the SV 27 or there new V hull boat either.
    If you have to have either of the 2 mentioned Miss Geico or the Mystic or the new Balck jack 29 are all good options for RTR boats .
    Just search around for details on what ever you buy and you will find things on youtube
    I have been outa the boat scene for a year or so but I have been into RC for 20 yrs and do it all from bikes to planes to heli's
    I have an older SV 27 that I love currently needs a motor and a Traxxas villian that has been great too.
    If you are looking for super speed go with the SV or the 2 you like they are pleanty fast and they all have upgrades available.
    offshorelectrics has lots of hop ups and there is another site that sells hop ups to but i can't remember the name.
    have fun and remember NEVER swim for an RC boat!

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