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    Hi all, well I picked up my first rc boat yesterday. It's a proboat Sanibel 36-600. It went together pretty easily and looks great. Well I put it in the water today for it's maiden voyage. It was just in the pool in mt girlfriends backyard so I couldn't really get it up to speed, but i was still very impressed with it. Then the evil happened.... I noticed it wasn't responding as it should. Well I got it out of the water and proceeded to check it out. Seems the sail winch is high powered like they advertised. It pulled itself right out of it's screw holes..... all four of them. Anyway, I live about 3hrs from the shop i got it in and lol and across the border. Anyone got any ideas about how to best go about fixing this issue? Since they didn't have anymore and I don't really want to have to disassemble it and then wait for them to get it and fix it or send me another one.... I figure i'm probably better off trying to sort it out myself.


    Well....... Thanks for the help people.......

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