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    As per moderator request, here comes this thread.

    First post is Furulund racetrack in Furulund, Sweden.
    It is a short drive out from Malmö, maybe 40 minutes or so.
    Website is - quite frequently updated.

    Track has all facilities, toilets, shower, electrical for chargers and similar, water, you can buy hotdogs and similar foods during racedays, soft drinks, etcetera.
    There is electronic lapcounting, although bringing your own AMB transponder is recommended, they do have a handfull of loan-transponders which are the old rechargeable kind, and some of them work while some don't.
    The track has an affiliated hobbyshop about 300 yards down the road, which mainly does Mugen cars so Mugen parts are readily available.
    I think they also do some of the HoBao cars, but I have not been in the shop for about two years so I am not sure.

    The track is comprised of different surfaces, astroturf, dirt, concrete and asphalt.
    The track is immaculately upkept, all the club members have a weekly rotation for track upkeep, and those who don't contribute are fined.
    So the track is always in immaculate condition, something which I really appreciated when I went there.

    This is the home track of the living legend Mikael Pålsson.

    Mostly 1/8 buggy and 1/8 truggy, but during winter the club has an indoor Mini-Z series.

    There is also camping available, if you bring your caravan you can rent a spot for a small fee.
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    This is the Spydeberg track.
    Spydeberg is a small town in the southeast of Norway, takes about 45 minutes to drive there from Oslo central.

    The track is mostly dirt.
    I am not sure, but I believe they have electronic lapcounting.
    (I've only been there "bootlegging" outside the club events.)
    It appears they have electrical for chargers etc.
    Otherwise I do not know if they sell any foods etc.

    Track is allright, but I felt like I did not have a good enough view from the driving tower, this is because part of the track angles downwards, so it's hard to get the perspective. Otherwise the track is adequately sized, and upkeep I would rate about medium, good standard compared to Norwegian average.
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    This is the Hvervenbukta racetrack kept by the OMBK club just outside of Oslo Norway, takes about 15-20 minutes to go there from Oslo Central, sometimes longer if there is traffic (area is prone to rush hour standstill).

    They have a top class on-road track, which is absolutely class, but the offroad track is horrendous.
    There are two offroad tracks. A small one, and a less small one.
    The one is used for electric, the other for nitro.

    The electric offroad track has been subject to recent rebuild and is somewhat improved, I haven't seen it since.

    The nitro offroad track is simply too small, there'd be huge rocks sticking up in the middle of the track, and basicly after a few runs on it you need a new chassis plate, cause it will be so crooked you won't believe it. Last time I had a run on it, I broke the rear gearcase and bent the rear part of the chassis. I absolutely hate the track.
    Basicly it is really short, and constantly turning. You will have no chance to open up any sort of speed, and it's basicly start - stop - turn - jump - ruin chassis - start - stop - turn.
    This is because the Oslo Club are mostly focused on the On-Road Track racing, and the offroaders are basicly seen as a nuisance.

    The track facilities are electronic lapcounting, electrical supply, etc.

    Good place to go for onroad, horrible place to go for nitro offroad. I don't know about the electric offroad track, as I've not seen it since the rebuild, but it is on the small side so don't expect too much.
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    This here is a medium sized carpark track, located in Fuengirola, Spain.
    The location is situated in a parking lot near the Hipodrome in Fuengirola, the Hipodrome is a horse-racing venue.
    The track appears to be permanently in place.
    Basicly the parking lot area has 14 dead-end oblong areas facing both directions, this is the one direction in row 13 near the top of the hill, so it's taking up one of 28 "slots".

    On sundays there is a "car boot sale" market in this area, this is how I discovered the track. I don't speak Spanish, but I've got an apartment in the city here, so it's nice to find somewhere to go. Now I just need to bring a touring car. I think they only run electric here.
    I think some of the people who frequent this place have a website here:

    I have no idea what days they run here.
    No facilities available as far as I know. So bring a friend to manually count your laps.
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    Here , some French and Belgium Tracks :

    For French forum and pics gallery you can go to or


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    Any tracks in Germany?

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