Latest race news from Hobby Pro USA:

Team driver Jason Branham files the following race report:

January 6-8th I was able to attend the 10,000 Winter Slam at Alan Burton’s Warehouse Raceway and home of his well known Speed Shop. Alan has done a great job with his facility and even with the tight racing space he was able to build a challenging and fun lay out. Team Agama showed up in good numbers with me, my brother Brian Rickard, Alan Burton, Corey Johnson and Drew Cassidy in attendance.

During Friday practice, in which I was really looking forward to, my Agama was pretty solid the first time I got a chance to run on the track. It was also going to be my first chance to race the new Beta line of tires and wheels. It was clear that a small pin tire was going to be the ticket, so I choose to go with Beta Cubez in the super soft compound with the new dual stage inserts. Still though I was wanting more steering, so I decided to try the long ackerman and this really gave the car a lot of steering which helped increase corner speed not only in the 180’s but also the sweeper. Most of the team tried the ackerman and really liked the results as well.

In qualifying the Agama buggies showed great pace with Corey Johnson leading the way in the Pro buggy class qualifying 2nd with Brian Rickard qualifying 3rd and Drew Cassidy making it three Agama’s in the main qualifying 4th. In the Pay out Ebuggy class I was able to take the TQ position in the last round by setting the fastest run of the weekend clipping Max Flurer buy a couple of tenths and Billy Easton by just a second, not bad for my first time out with an Ebuggy. In the Payout Buggy class I TQ’ed the first round of qualifying and my time stood to claim TQ for the class followed by TLR/Arrow-Racing's Ryan Lopez in 2nd, Serpent’s Billy Easton 3rd, and Agama/Arrow-Racing's Corey Johnson 4th.

The Pro Buggy main was close all race long with the lead changing hands countless times. The race between TLR/Bullitt driver Matt “Puddin” Sistrunk, Brian Rickard, and Drew Cassidy came down to the end with Drew Cassidy slipping by the battle with Sistrunk and Rickard to take the win followed closely by Brian Rickard 2nd and Matt Sistrunk not even a second behind in 3rd. Agama was able to take 1st and 2nd, great job!

The Payout Ebuggy main was a double A main format with each main 15 minutes in length. In A1 I got off to a terrible start missing the triple and landing off the track. This allowed Max and Billy to get away and I spent the first couple of minutes in the back of the pack. I was slowly working my way back to the lead pair when Billy lost a wheel which put him out of the race. With in the last minute of the race I had managed to catch Max but with another mistake by me he was able to take the win for A1. In A2 I got off to a better start but a couple minutes in I caught a pipe allowing Max and Billy to get by. Max drove a great main to stay out front and I caught Billy a couple of times but I was not able to get by. I would finish 3rd behind Max and Billy. With my overall time from A1 and A2 I finished 2nd overall for the event with the Agama and Beta Cubez.

In the Payout Buggy main we had three Agama’s again in this one with me as TQ, Corey Johnson qualifying 4th, and Alan Burton taking the bump spot from the B main. I got off to a great start and led for the first 5 or 6 minutes but with constant traffic because of the small track I made some costly mistakes trying to get by traffic. This allowed Billy Easton to get by to take the lead and now I was battling with Losi’s Ryan Lopez for 2nd. Ryan and I kept a close race until about the 20 minute mark when Ryan blew a plug which eventually ended his race and left me comfortably in 2nd. I was unable to catch up to Billy in the last few minutes so I would have to settle for 2nd but still it was another good outing for Agama and the new Beta line. Agama again would show well with me finishing 2nd, Alan Burton finishing 5th, and Corey Johnson finishing 7th.