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  1. Best Paint Competition – November 2006 
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    Best Paint Competition – November 2006

    Please read this carefully and in its entirety!!

    The Best Paint competition will be open for entries for the month of November and will close at Midnight (EST) on Thursday, November 30, 2006.

    Restrictions: None!!! Go wild

    The best paint competition is an opportunity for people to express their unbounded imaginations on an R/C car body. Realism is not required. Let your imagination loose on a piece of plastic to create a work of art.

    RULES for Best Paint competitions:

    1) Any body may be submitted to the competition (Truck, buggy, touring car, etc).
    2) Any body submitted may NOT appear in another competition.
    3) Photo editing the pictures (other than cropping and adjusting brightness/contrast) is highly looked down upon and may result in disqualification.
    4) Anyone may enter a body (professional painters and Modelers are welcome!)
    5) Insulting entries or painters in any way will not be tolerated.
    6) Restrictions: None.
    7) A maximum of 3 entries per person.
    8) Recommended 3 photos per entry are submitted.
    9) Cars must be painted within the last 6 months.
    10) Imagination is key and fun is a requirement.

    Each submission must include the following:
    Body and chassis manufacturer and size.
    Paint used.
    Masks used (hand or precut)
    Class entered

    Failure to follow the rules or failure to submit the required information will result in a disqualification.

    Classes of entry
    Pro - If you paint or have painted for money, you must enter into the Pro class. If you have won 2 contests in the amateur category, you are automatically moved up to the pro class. If you’ve been painting for years (not for money) and people look at your work and say, “how’d you do that” or "holy crap, that’s awesome! Do one for me”, then you belong in this category. This shouldn't be a guessing game.

    Amateur – This class is designed for beginning to intermediate painters. If you have been painting RC bodies for several years and people ask you “how’d you do that” or “holy crap, that’s awesome! Do one for me”, then you don’t belong in this class. 90% of rattle can users qualify for this category. If you are confused, the masses will speak out and place you accordingly. If you enter this class and it’s discovered you have painted for money, your entry will be disqualified. Be honest with yourself and to your fellow painters.

    Each of the following areas will be judged with a maximum of 10 points. After the points are tallied, the highest score wins.

    1) Design: How well does the design fit/flow on the body? Is it visually appealing? How are the color choices? Originality does not count, but naturally something that every painter has done will not score as high as something unique and new.

    2) Execution: Regardless of how complex or difficult it is, how well is it executed? Are there paint bleeds? Are the lines straight (or correctly curved)? Are their obvious mistakes? Fingerprints in the paint or paint bleeds? How well executed are the fades and other basic painting techniques? etc.

    3) Difficulty: How hard was this body to paint? Is it one color? Is the entire thing 5mm checkers with 4 different colors in each square? Are the mask lines through difficult areas of the body (i.e., wing mounts or stadium truck beds)? It may be 2 colors, but is one marbled? Is one color a candy that requires a special backing technique? This is where experience as a painter helps the most.

    The photo and background will not be judged but a clean, well-lit photo that clearly shows the body is needed. Too often, muddy or poorly lit pictures limit the car’s chances of winning and lower its score. Keep in mind that a better picture will attract more attention.

    Remarks from the judges are highly encouraged. Remarks help the individual painters see their shortcomings and help them overcome them. Judges of the Pro class are highly encouraged to be very critical in their judging. However, tact and an objective viewpoint are paramount when judging. Malicious or spiteful remarks will not be tolerated.

    Rules for the Judge - You will have to judge within 5 days of the end of the contest. If you are unable to do so, please contact mab_man20 via PM within 24 hours of the end of the contest.

    If contestants have problems, discrepancies, or disagreements with the judges’ decisions, contact Mab_man20 via PM. The judges are just doing their jobs, so please leave them out of the argument.

    Viewers of this competition are encouraged to keep their comments to a minimum. Negative, derogatory, or inflammatory comments will not be tolerated. If a contestant makes the aforementioned comments, their entry will be disqualified. Additionally, they will not be permitted to enter the contests for a period not to exceed three months.

    ______ will judge this month’s Pro Class. The amateur judge will be judged by ____.

    Winners of this contest will judge the next contest. If you have no intention of judging the next contest, do not enter this competition. This month I had to judge, and that is unfair. [b] Failure to judge or notify me PRIOR to the end of the month will result in disqualification of future events.[\b] I don’t think this will be a problem, but I don’t want people to enjoy the thrill of victory without helping out the community If something comes up at the last second let me know, I’m a reasonable person and will understand.

    Let's show off your talents and above all, have fun. Let the competition begin!!

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    I have been trying to get a hold of our previous judge, but to no avail. I will fill in the names when I have them.

    My sincerest appologies about the delay this month. I hope you all are chomping at the bit to enter them.

    Cool, thanks Mab! It is disappointing that some winners don't seem to like to judge. Perhaps we should give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe his PC died or something.

    Anyway, here we go! Lets accept Fester's challenge from last month's comp and have a record number of entries, I'll go first!

    Protoform Caddy CTS.
    Painted with Spazstix Hard Anodized Red and Orange, Spazstix black. Alclad chrome on the window trim, backed with Fascolor silver.
    Custom headlights and taillights, everything cut in Bob Dively's liquid mask.
    Class is Pro.

    I wanted something subtle, not flashy designs like I usually do. Unfortunately you can't really see the subtle shading in the flames very well in the digital pics. I took it to the track and had it sold for $50 within 1/2 hour of arriving, so I was happy with that. The new owner let me take a pic of it after he mounted it on his TC4.


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    that is awesome!love the fade from red to black,its cool n everything works well together!

    i have soemthing in the works!!!!!

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    Portland, OR
    Wow, that is SICK looking! Love the headlights!

    Body: Crowd pleazer
    Paints: Faskolor
    Class: PRO

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    Portland, OR
    Wrobico, try stepping up to pro. I think you are definitely worthy

    Ok, so I'm a PRO

    Next body: HPI JEEP WRANGLER

    Paints: Faskolor (black, faslucent red, custom mix of fasecent blue and faslucent red and faschrome, white, orange)

    Class: Pro


    What's up guys??? Show your bodies

    Quote Originally Posted by Wrobcio
    What's up guys??? Show your bodies

    that is my major project for the weekend. if it's not done by monday then maybe not until after thanksgiving...

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    new jersey
    i like the jeep body. it has a very scale style to it like something you might see on a show truck. very nice.

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    come on people!,where r all the entries???????i know i still have to do mine!

  15. 1st entry 
    Body: Protoform Dodge Charger SRT-8 190mm

    Paints: Parma Faskolors, Spaz Stix Hard Anodized, Chrome, and Window Tint

    Class: Pro

    Masking: Liquid Mask, Hand Cut


  16. My TRF415's Fresh Nemesis 
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    Millington, MD
    Body: Protoform Nemesis 190mm

    Paints: Pactra Outlaw Black, Pactra Fluorescent Yellow, Pactra Sprint White, and Pactra Indy Silver

    Class: Amateur

    Masking: Masking Tape, hand cut


    2nd entry...
    Crowd Pleazer for Revo 3.3 (shown on a 2.5, that is why it looks a tad off.)
    Painted using all Fascolor paints. Handcut from Bob Dively's liquid mask.
    Pro class.
    Attached Images
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    Sonoma County, California.
    Masterchief06: You may want to take some more pics for your entry and maybe take them outdoors, if the weathers not to bad out.

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    Millington, MD
    Yea, I apologize or the quality (its my cell phone camera and it was indoors). I don't have immediate access to a digicam, but I will try my best to get one before the month is out to really get that silver and yellow to pop. Appreciate the recommendation, and it will be taken to heart.


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    hijacker, that is amazing.. dude we need more closeup pictures to see the detail of that amazing work... awesome

    balang - I added a close up of the side for ya, back up in the original post. Thanks for the compliment!

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    wow, there are like 4 different pinks on that body.. love it...

  23. car care products 
    MAb_man20 edit:

    It is against the rules of this forum to advertise a company. Consider this a warning. If you do it again you will be banned.

    TRF Edit: Thats why I do the banning (^.^)

    Mmm hmmm. As if we didn't get enough commercials on tv and at the theatres!

    Please someone delete that crap it's in the wrong area anyway.

    Hijacker nice job on that pink body for the revo.

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