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    I was hoping someone knew of some cool bodies that would fit an Associated GT2 and traxxas 4tec 2.5. Im relatively new at this, and cant seem to find any online. I also would love to know what the body sizes mean.

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    The GT2 you're pretty much stuck with bodies that say "Fits RC10GT2" on them. It will be pretty specific because of the locations of the shock towers, engine, width of the exhaust, etc.

    The Nitro 4-Tec however, is easy. Pretty much anything that's a 200mm "Touring Car" body will fit. Avoid anything with a super-low nose and you'll be alright. If you have any doubts, post a link to what you're considering before purchasing and see if anyone here thinks you might have trouble!

    As far as what the "200mm" part means; it's the width of the car. Nitro cars have a wider track than electrics, which use 190mm bodies. Stick with 200mm and everything should line up pretty well.


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