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  1. What mono hull to buy 
    I have posted on this web page a few times looking for information for an old
    42" mono hull I was trying to get working. After destroying the 80 nitro engine I decided to try to install a RCMK gas motor. I have run into more than a few problems. I have decided to start this over again with updated equipment.
    I have been looking on the web for a 40 to 50" mono hull to install my latest purchase, the RCMK-K30RZ.
    The boats I have found don't have much information with them. I believe I want a 24" dead rise? Fiber glass hull. Is 50 to 60 mph too much to look for?
    Where or who can I talk to? Help wanted.

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    50-60 isn't unreasonable as it should be easy to do with a good setup.
    I'm running a Rampage hull but the new Rampage 2 would be better with 30 cc's. is one site that sells them. I'm very happy with mine as it runs loose in the straights but digs in when I hit the corners.
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