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  1. Need help w/ boat. 30'' pt 109 rc boat 
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    seaside oregon
    I have a old rc pt 109 boat and is completely empty except for the drive shaft and prop, as well as the rudder and arm. It used to gas powered but the engine is gone and it came with a 1950's Pittman Boatmaster Motor.3-6volt. Also there is a classic servo and throttle trim servo. Im going to get this boat to run, with speed preferably. If i could use wat i have that would be great. if not ill put all new everything. Never built a rc boat nor do I know much about them. Im am good with electronics and fabricating so i dont think this could be to hard. Please help!

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    Hello.. I dont know what model u have but their has been many of the PT109 made.. Great motor you have I like the green color and built in fuse.. three to 6volts is not going to be a issue.. The tekins G12's can be setup to max out at 6volts with modern batteries like lipos.or A123 (thats what I would use)..Do you have the mounts still on the motor? if not a motor mount..
    Ok things you will need
    rudder (i would try to keep to scale and do a single dead center of keel/transom..
    battery /battery holder-along with battery charger and radio..
    ESC-electronic speed control--brushed only
    Servo to control rudder and steering linkage(to make boat turn right and left)

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