This past weekend I attended the 2014 Venom Offroad JAM at Fastlane Raceway in Blue Springs, MO. This is the second year that Fastlane has hosted this event, and there were over 260 entries competing in 10 different classes. The track has a fresh layout applied to it for this race, and it had a very fast flow to it which was both challenging and fun at the same time.

To make room for the larger turnout this weekend the Fastlane crew rolled up their carpet track to use that area as additional pit space, plus added shelving to their normal pit area.

I arrived on Friday for practice which started at 11:00am and ran till 9:00pm that night. The next morning there was a brief practice session for only drivers who couldn’t practice the day before. Then we held a brief driver’s meeting before three rounds of qualifying would begin. Each qualifier ran for six minutes, and only your best two out of three rounds would count that weekend. Each heat used a staggered, IFMAR type of start and we had 31 heats per round. After each round we resorted the entries so that faster drivers were grouped together which made the action more exciting out on the track. Qualifying went well into the night with the last round finishing just past 10:30pm.

On Sunday morning the doors opened back up at 8:00am and we held a brief driver’s meeting around 8:45am. That day’s race program called for all of the mains plus two special races. Each lower main would run for eight minutes with the top two finishers bumping up into the next main for their respective class. So potentially a driver had a chance to bump all the way up into the A main group if they kept finishing in the top two in each lower main. The single A mains also ran for eight minutes each, and they were exciting to watch since drivers had one chance to try and secure the hardware that weekend. The top three finishers for each class’s A main would receive a plaque, plus the class’s top qualifier also received a reward.

Some unique awards were also handed out for this race event such as the Lucky Duck Fast Lap Award. Regardless of how a driver finished in their class’s A main, if they clocked the fastest lap they received this special award.

The award consisted of a JConcepts Illuzion Matte vehicle stand with a custom event decal applied to it. And to top it off each stand had a small rubber duck attached to it with a custom mustache design.

Another unique award you could win, but chances are you really wouldn’t want to, was the Worst Weekend Award. There wasn’t really a criteria set in stone to win this award, but the general idea was that your face was starting to look like that cat after some bad luck on the track, in the pits, or a combination of both. Suggestions were made to the Fastlane crew throughout the weekend on who should receive this award, and it was finally determined on Sunday that Toby Brown “earned” this award after he had a few motors go up in smoke on him during qualifying on Saturday. This award was definitely a great idea and an easy way to make someone’s weekend a little more enjoyable!

Not only did drivers have a chance to win some cool hardware, they also had a chance to win some cold cash and a gift certificate. After a few of the lower mains had completed we stopped down the race program to run the Dash 4 Cash race. This three minute race consisted of only the A main drivers from the Jam’s largest class that weekend. The 2WD Modified buggy class was the largest class at 45 entries, so those drivers lined up in reverse qualifying order for their shot at the $100 cash purse. After the time had expired Justin Driemeier was a $100 richer.

The next special race to take place was the Bash 4 Cash. This race was open to any 20 drivers that wanted to compete in it, and the format called for a five minute race with no turn marshals. The winner would be the driver with the most laps after five minutes, or possibly the only car left on its wheels.

After a crazy five minute free for all race, Tim Wiechens was able to outlast and outpace everyone and win a $50 gift certificate to the hobby store at Fastlane Raceway.

Also on Sunday we were treated to some great door prizes courtesy of the Jam’s numerous sponsors. Each driver received one raffle ticket per entry, and additional tickets could be purchased if so desired.

There were plenty of hats, shirts, lexan bodies, and tires to be given away along with car kits and a mobile workstation.

Overall, the 2014 Venom Offroad Jam was a great success and Fastlane Raceway ran a great program that weekend. I can’t wait to race there again soon, and complete results, video highlights, and pictures are listed below. And special shout out to Keith "Working It" Workman for all the video help this past weekend. Till next time!

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Photo credit: Chuck Kleinhagen

Stock Spec Slash

1. Braxten Culley
2. Noah Gardner
3. Ron Wall (David Johnson shown accepting Ron's award)

TQ was Arlynn Simon
Lucky Duck fast lap award was Noah Gardner

Photo credit: Chuck Kleinhagen

Stock 2WD Buggy

1. Fred Kropf
2. Brad Cunningham
3. Marcus Carver

TQ was Bryan Bowers
Lucky Duck fast lap award was Brad Cunningham

Photo credit: Chuck Kleinhagen

Stock 2WD SCT

1. Neil Pestka (TQ)
2. Tom Rinderknecht
3. Gerad Culley

Lucky Duck fast lap award was Neil Pestka

Super Stock 2WD Buggy

1. Nick Edgington
2. Bryan Bowers
3. Chris Puller

TQ was Brad Cunningham
Lucky Duck fast lap award was Nick Edgington

Photo credit: Chuck Kleinhagen

Mod 2WD Buggy

1. Mitchell Gardner (TQ)
2. Nick Gibson
3. Matt Gosch

Lucky Duck fast lap award was Nick Gibson

Photo credit: Chuck Kleinhagen

Super Stock Stadium Truck

1. Coach Townsend
2. Chris Puller (TQ)
3. James Flagg

Lucky Duck fast lap award was Chris Puller

Photo credit: Chuck Kleinhagen


1. Bryan Bowers
2. Sam Anderson
3. Toby Brown

TQ was Justin Driemeier
Lucky Duck fast lap award was Sam Anderson

Mod Stadium Truck

1. Justin Driemeier
2. Kendall Welch
3. Rod Rippee

TQ and Lucky Duck fast lap award was Matt Gosch


1. Spencer Wall (TQ)
2. Jamie Barker
3. Tim Wiechens

Lucky Duck fast lap award was Dave Johnson

4WD Mod Buggy

1. Mitchell Gardner (TQ)
2. Chad "Rico" Karstens
3. Nate Jaskot

Lucky Duck fast lap award was Mitchell Gardner

Photo credit: Chuck Kleinhagen

Worst Weekend Award

Toby Brown