Latest from Viper R/C:

Team Viper/ JP Richards win the 2wd Open class at 2014 Reedy Race of Champions. Only running Viper products since last month, JP turns the smoother power delivery and braking of the VTX10R to his advantage. After being provisional TQ during most of qualifying, JP would start second on the grid of the double A mains. As A1 started JP dropped back and let other be more aggressive at the start. Working his way back to the lead with a smart consistent drive as others made mistakes to take a demanding win one lap over the field, setting the fastest time of any 2wd Main event. In A2 he would follow top qualifier Brent Thielke for 10 minute often with inches of the leader. Twice they made contact and both times JP would wait for marshals to fix the cars. Showing great maturity and knowing finishing second would clinch the title, JP would closely follow Thielke the remaining laps to finish out the race, claim the title and an automatic bid to the invitational class in 2015.

In the 2014 Invitational class Viper drivers Lee Martin and Travis Amezcua would win a combined 6 heat races. With top 3 finishes in 5 other races. Only the top 2 finishers would win more heat races. Overall Lee finished 6th and Travis 11th in the 30 driver field of the best racers from around the world.

All the drivers used Viper's VTX10R speed control with the latest software tweaks designed to provide improved power and braking. While cooling motor and speed control temperatures.

Special Thanks to Red RC for the great photos!!