Latest from Hacker:

The Skalar 8 V2 is the result of successful testing and further development of the Skalar 8. The Skalar 8 V2 has been improved in all areas due to close cooperation between the Hacker R & D department and the Hacker Factory Team. This motor looks very similar at first glance but is fundamentally different.

New Features:

  • Shorter Construction for increased mounting capabilities.
  • Lighter Weight for larger range of applications.
  • Reduced internal resistance for better thermal stability.
  • Lower power consumption for maximum runtime.
  • Increased efficiency due to precision tuned components
  • More torque with a 4-Pole rotor
  • Higher Speeds
  • Optimized timing shield
  • Completely rebuild able
  • CNC Machined housing made from T6 aluminum
  • High Performance ball bearings
  • Sensor connection for precise control

The Skalar 8 V2 can be mounted using M3 and M4 screws. The finned motor housing made of T6 aluminum was reduced in diameter by 4.85mm and thus offers more space in vehicles where the motor is mounted directly behind the servo. The Skalar 8 has been improved in many ways. By optimizing the motor, Hacker GMBH has created a motor with lower power consumption, reduced internal resistance, and better efficiency. The increased performance has led to higher speeds and more torque which are noticeable on the track.