Thread: Maz 537 1/10 scale non military have some fun with it , mostly scratch

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  1. Maz 537 1/10 scale non military have some fun with it , mostly scratch 
    alright time to get started here, Ive been playing around with this build for about a month now , trying to prep for it .

    suspension is something new to me as it is an independent suspension. so at 1st I bought the wrong parts , this booboo cost me 180.00usd . but im hoping I can resell the item

    back to the build. I went with plastic side but alum backers, alum cross members and alum corners. I do want the chassis to be able to twist a little under stress.

    the truck will be 34 inches long by about 13 inches wide . tires are about 5.5 iches tall. im going to detail much as possible. maybe a 1/10 engine under the hood. I was going to do military colors, but ,been there done that. I was thinking maybe yellow , blue and alum color, not sure yet

    the bed I do something crazy, but I don't want let the cat out the bag yet . im figuring 6 month build , 600 plus hours

    if you want to see the real truck google maz 537.


    I made four belly plates , these sit right under the axle for protection and later the transaxle mount on top them


    man, this a beast in a 1/10 scale. also I already see that I have a lot watchers, many thanks everybody

    I want to let everybody know, I don't have a machine shop. everything is cut with a hand held hack saw , I use a drill, tap, and a table sander. no specially tools. all metal is bought from home depot. so really any body can make this . just takes patiences, a lot of pictures and amagination

    the chassis has an upper sub-frame . to scale its 28mm high and 97mm wide. the cross member are 14mm solid alum covered with styrene . each cross member goes right over the axle


    ive started working on the bumper, reason why im doing the bumper now is because this gives me a base width of the truck .theres more parts to make for the bumper , will work on that tomorrow , but heres some pictures, to give you an ideal on scale, heres the bumper from a 1/14 scale king hauler semi.


    work on the rear cross member, front cross member, made a plate for the winch , that's going behind the front bumper


    had some time to work on the maz

    I cut and drilled the holes for the A-arm brackets


    started to mount one bracket at a time, have to make sure everything will work right . so far I don't see any issues


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