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The TRF201XM chassis used by Tamiya Racing Factory pilot Lee Martin at the 2013 IFMAR 2WD Off-road World Championships is available for racing enthusiasts across the world to drive! The kit features theTRF201 converted into a mid-motor chassis, including modifications beyond those offered by the conversion kit seen in Item 42257 TRF201 XM Conversion Set.


  • 1/10 Scale R/C assembly kit
  • The aluminum chassis deck features new dimensions to seize the potential of the new gear case.
  • The gear case allows for a new drive shaft attachment angle.
  • The aluminum motor plate and suspension mount, plus the center post, have been redesigned to work optimally in the new setup.
  • A new carbon rear damper stay facilitates more efficient upper arm attachment positions.
  • The TRF201 chassis features 4-wheel double wishbone suspension and Big Bore aeration oil dampers for smooth and effective damping.
  • Kit includes a ball differential and oil-filled gear differential.
  • Includes body and wing.
  • Requires 2-channel radio gear, ESC motor, battery, wheels and tires

Availability: June
MSRP: $1053.00