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Traxxas, Cooper Tire, Fox Shocks, Impact, and Jenkins Brothers Racing dominated the Podium in rounds 7 and 8 of the TORC Series presented by Amsoil. The Big House Brawl was packed with action from start to finish.

If you missed the on-track action, here’s a recap of the weekend's excitement.

Round 7, Saturday June 28th

Pro Light

Traxxas driver Keegan Kincaid started the Pro Light race in 3rd place and jumped to the front of the pack by the second turn. However, a wreck during the first lap forced the field to restart the race. After a full course restart, Keegan launched off the starting line and charged back into first position. A sizeable lead was cut by the full course yellow, but Keegan navigated the course flawlessly and maintained his lead. Saturday’s race belonged to #7 as Keegan took the checkered flag.

Finishing first on his home track, Keegan was all smiles as he stood on top of the podium. “Traxxas is so supportive. They give me the best truck and they are The Fastest Name [in Radio Control]. Cooper tires held up great. The track started getting rutted up, but we’ve been dominant this year with Cooper tires. Amsoil, Impact, Fox, Goodwin Competition. Hats off to all of my team.”

Pro 2

In the Pro 2 race, Jeff Kincaid worked his way into 3rd place. When Chad Hord pulled off the track, Jeff moved into 2nd place before the competition yellow came out. The whole field was bumper to bumper at the restart. Jeff Kincaid put a lot of pressure on race leader C.J. Greaves. Jeff gained ground on C.J., but couldn’t quite reel him in. The Traxxas #4 of Jeff Kincaid crossed the line in a well-deserved 2nd place.

“I can’t say enough about Traxxas. Cooper tires ran really [well], and Goodwin race engines are really powerful,” said a very pleased Jeff Kincaid.

Pro 4

Saturday saw brothers Mark and Mike Jenkins kick the race off running 4th and 5th. When the competition yellow came out, both drivers moved up in the field. At the restart, Mark Jenkins ran full bore as he gunned for the front of the pack. A hard fought battle between Greaves, Douglas, and Mark Jenkins culminated in the final lap.

As the track conditions deteriorated, the trucks and their tires took a beating as the drivers pushed their machines hard to the finish. In the end, the best equipment made the difference. Both Greaves and Douglas lost tires on the last lap, but the Cooper tires on the Traxxas Pro 4 of Mark Jenkins dominated the track. In the adrenaline filled finish, Cooper tires stayed true, hooking up in the final turn and propelling Mark to the win just a fraction of a second ahead of Greaves.

Mark Jenkins stood proud on top of the podium. “I’ve got to thank the J.B.R. crew. They turned around another winning machine. I’ve got to thank Traxxas, Jentek Water Treatment, Amsoil, Cooper Tires, Fox Shocks and Impact Racing. Goodwin, you’re making me a believer. We’re motoring out there. It’s good to bring home win #2.”

Round 8 Sunday June 29th

Pro Light

The start of Round 8 in the Pro Light race saw Keegan Kincaid drive into second position through the first turn. Keegan moved into first place before the end of the first lap; however, a rollover forced a complete restart of the race. Keegan went full throttle on the restart and came out of the first turn in front. Keegan was comfortably in the lead when the competition yellow came out, bringing the entire field back together. After the restart, it was all Keegan Kincaid to the finish, clinching his second win of the weekend and his third win in a row.

Pro 2

Sunday’s Pro 2 race saw Mike Jenkins take the hole shot, but slipped back to 4th position before the competition yellow. Ultimately, Mike finished in 4th place. Traxxas driver Jeff Kincaid was running in 2nd place receiving pressure from Chad Hord, but Jeff ran a clean race and held him off. As the checkered flag waved, Jeff crossed the line to take a well-earned second place finish.

An excited Jeff Kincaid stated, “Cooper tires put us up here on this podium.”

Pro 4

As the Pro 4 race got underway, the Traxxas sponsored trucks of Mike and Mark Jenkins danced in 5th and 6th places for a couple of laps. Mark moved his way into 4th place. Just before the competition yellow, another truck spin out, opening the door for the Traxxas #25 of Mark Jenkins to slide into 3rd place.

The competition yellow brought the field of trucks back together. As they came to the line, it was anyone’s race. After the restart, Mark ran a clean race and drive his way into a solid second place finish.

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