Latest from HPI:

Introducing the brand new HPI Racing Reusable Parts Bags! The latest HPI Racing parts bags have a super-convenient resealable closure so you can reuse the bags to keep project parts together and keep things organized! Use a large parts bag to keep all the screws, nuts, turnbuckles in place and the smaller bags to separate different sized items. You can keep your pit box clean and organized by keeping used, greasy and oily parts in separate bags. Clutch and engine parts, bearings and gears are the perfect items to store away in these tough bags, keeping the dirt and oil off your tools and new parts. The bags also make it easy to keep sets of tires or parts organized in your larger pit boxes.

The bags are made from tough durable plastic, feature a crystal-clear front window and a tough zipper-style closure.

Reusable parts bags for all spare and options parts, from small gears to chassis and shirts.

Use the parts bags to store spares and groups of parts as you rebuild or maintain your HPI vehicles.

Use the new HPI Parts Bags with the new HPI Parts Boxes to keep your HPI/HB Hauler Bag clean and organized!