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    Hey, this is my first post! I recently started an independant study in my senior year on rc cars! Pretty sweet i think. Anyway, i have a couple cars i like, and even convinced my teacher to let me bring in a mini z track, i think i have potential to start a club at my school! I have an old kyosho (gp spider mk1 i think) that i cant afford to fix, i have seen the prices that parts on ebay go for, Id hate to part it out. But it seems like the best option would be to sell it and buy more micro parts. Should i part it out, sell it whole, or is there somewhere to buy parts that i dont know about?

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    Congrats, that's great initiative. We had an RC club at school as well, it was a blast.

    Since the spider is long since discontinued, your best bet for parts is on Ebay. If that does not work, for sure put it out for sale either on Ebay or wherever you can and use the funds for something more modern.

    For your mini club, I've noticed a lot of used XMods out there for dirt cheap. Similiar to Mini-z's, but much cheaper. Might be worth a look. Railyard Hobbies down towards Morgantown has a pretty good Mini-z setup - or they did last time I was there - if you're looking for something locally.
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