This past weekend the HobbyTown USA HobbyPlex in Omaha, NE was the host of the finals for the 2014 JConcepts Indoor National Series. This is the second year in a row that the HobbyPlex has hosted the finals, and the series has been running strong for 4 years now. This year's series consisted of 5 separate races across the US at different indoor tracks, and each race gave away individual awards to that weekend's winners. But to become a series champion for a specific class your best results from 3 of the 5 events were used, so coming into the last race the series titles were still up for grabs.

At this race we saw 230 drivers competing in 9 different classes from surrounding states like Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, and Michigan, plus far way states like Florida, California, and Arizona.

And their were plenty of big names in attendance like current IFMAR World Champions Jared Tebo and Steven Hartson.

Multiple ROAR Champion and World Finalist Ryan Maifield.

And upcoming fast drivers Spencer Rivkin and Daimon Borkowicz, plus many local and regional drivers.

The HobbyPlex crew prepped the track prior to that weekend's race and on Thursday night they held a club race which gave all the racers their first crack at the new layout.

On Friday open practice ran from 10am to noon, and then practice was separated out into the Open Wheel (buggies and stadium trucks) and Short Course classes. At 6pm practice heats were printed out and each racer ran in 1 practice heat for each entry for 3 minutes. During that practice heat their best consecutive 3 be laps would used to seed them in qualifying the next day so that they ran with racers that were similar in speed.

Also on Friday drivers could pick up their free event t-shirt courtesy of JConcepts which listed each series race on the back.

The next morning open practice was held from 7-9am and then the track was closed for track maintenance and Race Director Alex Sturgeon held a brief driver's meeting. After the driver's meeting we went straight into 3 rounds of qualifying. Your best 2 out of 3 rounds counted towards your overall qualifying order, and after the 2 round was complete the sheets were re-printed and drivers were moved around so that they would be grouped with drivers their own speed again.

Qualifying ran that day until about 10:30pm that night so that left plenty of time for racers to work on their gear and prep for their next heat.

Many drivers were spotted breaking in brand new tires by sanding them down, and then 'saucing' them with tire additive so they could, "hang on to er".

On Sunday the race program called for AAA 5 minute mains for the Mod 2WD and 4WD Buggy classes, and all other classes ran a single 8 minute A Main with 2 bump ups from the lower mains. If you finished first or second in a lower main then you bumped up into the next main event.

If you finished in 3rd place then you received an award as the winner of that race. So each A Main group consisted of 8 drivers and then added 2 bumps from the lower main to make it a total of 10 entries. The only exception to this rule was the Mod 2WD Buggy class since the winner of the B Main was added to the Mains as an 11th entry.

During the mains on Sunday door prizes were given away by the race's generous sponsors. Smaller prizes like shock oil, tools, etc. were awarded to trivia winners, and for the larger prizes each racer received a raffle ticket and some lucky drivers walked away with some great gear!

With so many World and National winning drivers in attendance the racing was intense on the track and the specatators were treated to some great finishes.

After the hardware was handed out, JConcepts owner Jason Ruona presented the Series awards, and JConcepts/TLR driver Ryan Maifield was able to repeat as the series winner in the Mod 2WD Buggy, Mod 4WD Buggy, and Pro 2 Modified Short Course classes. So this wraps up another Indoor Nationals, and I can't to see what this unique series brings in 2015!

Link to all the videos I shot:

Stock 17.5 2wd Buggy

1. Austin Horne (TQ)
2. Danny Bartholomew
3. Dustin Hosick

Stock 17.5 Stadium Truck

1. Zane Johnson (TQ)
2. Brian Valles
3. Mike Sanders

Mod 2WD Buggy

1. Jared Tebo
2. Ryan Maifield
3. Spencer Rivkin (TQ)

Mod Stadium Truck

1. Taylor Larsen
2. Austin Horne
3. Neil Feneis

TQ was Cole Tollard.

Mod 4WD Buggy

1. Jared Tebo (TQ)
2. Ryan Maifield
3. Steven Hartson

Pro 2 Stock 17.5 Short Course

1. Jaylen Fairchild (TQ)
2. Cole Henrickson
3. Jon Berding

Pro 2 Modified Short Course

1. Ryan Maifield (TQ)
2. Jared Tebo
3. Derek Wood

Pro 4 Modified Short Course

1. Mike Sanders
2. Dustin Hosick (TQ)
3. Taylan Schoen

40+ Mod 2wd Buggy

1. Allen Horne (TQ)
2. Dave Smith
3. Brad Cunningham